How to Check Bursting Factor for Paper and Board

How to Check Bursting Factor for Paper and Board
  • Gaurav Malhotra

In a corrugated box manufacturing unit, knowing the bursting strength and factor is very important. There are some people who are often confused between the bursting strength and bursting factor. And how to check BF on a Bursting strength tester

What is bursting strength?

It is defined as the maximum pressure on the paper surface or paperboard in a perpendicular direction, required to rupture the paper. It is the strength characteristic of paper and estimates the behaviour of the packing in the process of transit like handling, loading and unloading. The bursting strength is one of the prime factors that determine the quality of the packing. There is always a quality stamp on the cartons to define the strength. This allows the carrier to remain cautious during the handling of the box. 

Factors affecting the bursting strength
The corrugated board is comprised of a corrugator sandwiched between two linear boards. However, the strength of the sample does not depend on the strength of any of these. It actually depends on the raw material that is used for making these components. The resistance of paper against the rupture depends on the strength of the fibres, their length and bonding force. The quality of the pulp and additives added during the testing of the materials can play a major role in increasing the strength of the material. 
How to check the bursting factor?
The formula to calculate the bursting factor of the paper or cardboard is mentioned below. 
Burst factor = Bursting strength (gf/cm2) / Grammage (gf/m2)

To determine the bursting strength of the material, first, you need to have Bursting Strength Tester. This machine determines the strength of the material which is further used to determine the bursting factor and bursting index.
From where to get Bursting Strength Tester?
Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of Bursting Strength Testing Machine. A wide array of models is offered that suits to the testing requirements of different industries. The machine is designed as per the testing standards of different relative organisations. The machine comprises of an annular clamping mechanism to hold the specimen, a rubber diaphragm to apply the pressure. Laboratory grade glycerine is used as the medium to apply the hydraulic pressure on the specimen. The pressure is applied via rubber diaphragm. The machine work on the simple push to burst mechanism. To remove the complications, the machine is equipped with push button. The operator presses the button until the sample burst. The force required to burst the sample will be measured and displayed on the screen. 
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