How to Maintain Good Food Quality Using a Vacuum Leak Machine?

How to Maintain Good Food Quality Using a Vacuum Leak Machine?

Food items are packed in Flexible films packaging and packets. To maintain quality, modern technologies such as Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum Packaging (VP) are used. As MAP refers to the combination of other gases that are useful to protect food while VP is done by withdrawing all the air. These methods are designed to extend the life span of food products, to keep them away from shrinkage and spoiling & to maintain their quality high. But in any case if the films are leaky, healthy foods are also affected due to the development of bacteria.

These germs can be the root cause of serious diseases. Such cases can be prevented by checking the leakage of packaging films. The Vacuum Leak Tester is a reliable leak testing device for wrappers, films, packs, bags and bags. The device acts as a discharge pressure exiting the apparatus at a specified time interval. If a template shows any change in composition, it means that it is leaky and should be rejected.

Presto produces Vacuum Leak Tester for such leak tests. The Presto Vacuum Leak Tester consists of a vacuum generator, an open chamber, and a vacuum meter. The transparent chamber known as the desiccator is an acrylic sheet container containing a suspension agent for reducing moisture. The test sample is mounted on a desiccator; the vacuum is removed by turning the button to the clock. Desiccator is set in a fixed position. According to international standards ASTM F 2338-09, ASTM D 4991-07, ASTM D6653 steel is reliable and gives accurate results.

Product Specification:

·         Pressure: 0 - 600 mm-Hg.

·         Minimum Calculation: 10mm-Hg

·         Controls: Digital pressure monitoring and timer

·         Duration: Digital reset up to 999 seconds (Switching to Hrs: min: sec)

·         Desiccator size: 150 mm / 300 mm

·         2 stage space and holding time

Product Features:

       ·         Microprocessor-based accuracy and duplication

       ·         Meets the USP 28 customization definition

       ·         Automatic sample testing using a simple relaxation method

       ·         Pressure, Inlet Vacuum Pressure setting, and Preset Timer function with precision and duplication

       ·         Variable Time Units in Hrs: min: sec

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