How to Make Best Deal while Buying Tensile Strength Testers

How to Make Best Deal while Buying Tensile Strength Testers

Material testing is an imperative process which is performed by all the manufacturers in all production verticals to measure the reliability, consistency of the products to offer best products to the customers. The major production verticals where material testing is considered as most important task includes shipping, construction, spacecraft, aircraft and many more. There is no space for errors, in these industries and the manufacturer can never move forward without testing the strength and quality of the material. There are numerous test methods that are used to measure the strength of the materials. The test device which is used to measure the strength of the products is “Tensile Strength Tester”. Being a manufacturer, if you want to buy the topmost quality of tensile strength tester, you need to consider certain things, to make the best deal.

Types of Model

The tensile tester is available in numerous models like Analogue Model, Digital Model, and Computerized Model. The digital model of tensile testing instrument offers the result in digital format; the fully computerized model offers the result in graphical format on the computer screen as well as digital display. Moreover, the digital cum computerized model offers the result in digital as well as graphical format. All the models offer best test results. To choose the instrument of your choice, you need first to consider your budget.

Capacity and Least Count

The tensile testers are provided with different capacities and least count to determine the tensile strength of various products right from plastic to metals. The standards capacities and least count that manufacturers usually offer in tensile testing machines are 10 to 10,000 kgf with the least count 1 grams to 5 kg respectively depending upon the capacity of the machine.

Rate of Accuracy

The tensile tester must offer the result with the accuracy of ± 0.5% to ± 2% of the load cell capacity. Always look for the testing machine that offers the accuracy of the load cell capacity that helps you to get precise test results.


The tensile test machines with different capacities are equipped with different motors. Always ensure that the motor which is installed in the instrument is compatible with the instrument. These motors can be 3 phase induction motor, single phase motor along with the warn reduction type gear box.


There are numerous standards that are provided by various standardization authorities like IS, ASTM,DIN, ISO etc. The buyer must check the user manual of the instrument to ensure that the equipment strictly adheres to various standard methods. This helps to ensure the quality and reliability of the instrument.

Apart from these things, the buyer must also check for the warranty certificate and calibration certificate to make the best business deal. Presto Stantest, a famous manufacturer of testing instruments, offers a wide range of Tensile Testing Machines, to measure the quality of materials. For more information on Tensile Testing Instruments, feel free to contact our experts.

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