How to Make Deformation Resistant Cartons with the Box Compression Tester?

Box Compression Tester

The shipping & storage of products is an extremely vital part of achieving high customer satisfaction levels for a brand. The brand's reputation depends highly upon product quality & durability. However, during the transit as well as the storage measures there are instances when the product gets damaged due to faulty packaging or compromised storage measures undertaken by the laborers. To curb his issue, corrugated boxes have become the prime choice of manufacturers due to their ability to withstand transit measures.

The transit measures are kept intact but during the storage of these boxes, there are still some speculations made by manufacturers from different industries as these boxes might be durable enough for transporting hazards but stacking during storage can take a toll on the durability of these cartons, causing damage to the item packed inside. Therefore, it becomes extremely vital for the manufacturer of the corrugated box to test the ability of these packaging materials to withstand stacking.

The Presto Group has offered a lab testing instrument called the box compression tester, aiding manufacturers in achieving high levels of durability by assessing the corrugated box under stacking simulation. The instrument is designed with top-notch engineering methodologies, simulating stacking force exerted on the corrugated boxes during storage measures.

The box compression strength tester is equipped with a highly advanced working mechanism to ensure accuracy-driven outcomes consistently.

Working Mechanism of the Box Compression Tester

The box compression tester is equipped with an ergonomic working mechanism that enables the operator to attain familiarity with the machine and perform tests quickly and accurately.

The first & foremost step to initiate the test is to place the corrugated box or the specimen among the carved-out labels on the specimen positioning platform. The operator must make sure that these boxes are kept inside the labels for precise testing measures.

The operator can then begin the downward movement of the compression plate associated with a lead screw above the specimen. The compression plate starts moving downward at a speed of 12 mm per minute as mentioned in the designated standard compliances.

The movement of the compression plate equipped with a certain KgF (depending upon the variant) forces the specimen or the corrugated box to deform after withstanding the peak force as per its durability.

The compression plate keeps moving downward until the box is deformed completely and the operator can simply evaluate the results indicated from the test on the microprocessor-based digital display. The display indicates the peak value that the specimen could withstand before deforming and then the deformation levels that took place after the peak value recording.

The compression plate automatically gets back to its original state, once the specimen is fully deformed due to the presence of the limit switches that sustain the overtraveling of the compression plate and thus safeguard the instrument from causing damage to the specimen positioning platform or the operator from hazards.

This is how the stacking simulation is performed by the box compression machine, allowing the operator to reach high levels of accuracy at all times during the test.

The box compression tester manufacturer has inculcated top-quality features that are necessary for achieving accurate outcomes and also ensures a seamless testing process.

Hi-Tech Attributes Incorporate in the Box Compression Tester

The box compression strength tester is a feature-enriched lab testing equipment designed for manufacturers of the rigid paper & packaging industry in order to ensure the quality & durability of the corrugated boxes manufactured by them.

The most outstanding feature amongst the others is the inculcation of the limit switches which prevent the overtravel of the compression plate. This safeguards the instrument from causing hazards & jeopardies to itself as well as the operator.

The instrument is also equipped with a top-notch assembly of the compression plate with the circular lead screw. The association with the lead screw allows the compression plate to move downward or upward with absolute smoothness and thus perform testing with maximum accuracy.

The box compression machine is offered with different load cell capacities and variable platform sizes that allow customizations for the manufacturer as per the properties of the specimen.

The box compression tester also ensures a robust construction which has drawn the attention of manufacturers from the rigid paper & packaging industries. The instrument is made with durable material like mild steel which is also coated with a 7-layered powder paint to prevent any sort of rusting or corrosion due to exposure to the environment.

The microprocessor-based digital display is a feature in itself as it allows the operator to keep track of outcomes accurately and minimize the human effort and thus the scope of human error as well. The digital display is controlled by feather touch controls that promote seamless testing measures. The control panel of the instrument including the display & the buttons has a feature of memory hold that records up to 9 previous testing results, allowing the operator to perform a critical analysis with the previous ones and thus enhances the testing standards.

All these top-quality features combine together to achieve higher levels of accuracy. The box compression tester manufacturer – Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. offers all these features & hi-tech attributes to ensure that the guidelines of the testing standards are attained along with seamless testing for the smooth functioning of the production process.

Book Yourself a Box Compression Tester Right Away

To evaluate & assess the stacking ability of cartons or corrugated boxes, you can simply get your hands on the accuracy-driven box compression tester. You can book yourself a lab testing instrument right away by reaching out to the leading lab testing instrument manufacturing company – Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. to seek further information regarding the box compression tester you can find yourself on our website. To place an order for the instrument you can directly place a call at +91 9210903903 or email us at We would love to serve you with the cutting-edge technology imbibed in our instruments.


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