How to Measure the Impact Resistance Strength of Plastic Films?

How to Measure the Impact Resistance Strength of Plastic Films

Use of Packaging Products

The packaging of the products significantly affects the quality of the products that are packed inside. Therefore, it is essential for the manufacturers to measure the quality of the packaging products before using the packaging material for the packaging of the product. It is done to ensure that the quality and safety of the products are not hampered in any way. The packaging of the product is also responsible to enhance the appearance of the product and to grab the attention of the customers. If the quality of the packaging is inferior in terms of quality, it also hampers the appearance of the products and customers will never prefer to buy a product with bad appearance or packaging.

How to assure the quality of packaging?

Due to this fact, the manufacturers of packaging material need to offer high-quality of packaging materials to the customers so that they can best assure the appearance and safety of the products. There are different types of packaging materials that are used to pack different packaging products such as plastic boxes, PET bottles, corrugated boxes, plastic films, sachets, lamination films and many more. Out of the available sources of plastic films, plastic films are widely used to ensure the quality and safety of the products. If the quality of these films is not best in terms of quality, it will create a great threat regarding the safety of the product. Therefore, it is the prime duty of the packaging manufacturers to test the strength and quality of the films before they deliver the product to the customers.

Dart Impact Tester – For Testing Plastic Films

There are so many testing instruments that are used to test the quality of the plastic films. Out of which, Dart Impact Tester is the widely used testing machine to ensure the quality and impact resistance strength of plastic films.

How does Dart Impact Tester Work?

The dart impact tester is widely used to test the ability of the plastic films to resist any sort of puncture due to the impact force which is exerted on the film by a free falling dart from different heights and with different loads.

To perform the test, a test sample is clamped firmly in the provided sample placement grip of the instrument. After that, a free-falling dart of specific weight and from specific height is left over it. The weight and height of dart are fixed as per the specification of the sample.

This free-falling dart exerts sufficient amount of pressure on the sample and ruptures the film. The load sensor on the dart quickly records the amount of force applied to the material that punctures the film. This test helps to measure the impact resistance capacity of the plastic films so that the products can be packed safely.

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