How to perform ASTM D412 Tensile Test on Rubber & Elastomers

How to perform ASTM D412 Tensile Test on Rubber & Elastomers

ASTM D412 is an international standard test designed for testing the tensile strength of rubbers and thermoplastic elastomers.

ASTM is an international standards organization is located in the United States of America. It creates and publishes voluntary agreement of technical standards for various materials, products, systems, and services across the globe.
In today’s world ASTM standards is highly preferred by both corporate or government bodies.
ASTM D412 Test Methods for Tensile Testing on Rubber/Elastomers
In order to perform the ASTM D412 test, you need to dedicatedly follow the below steps:
1. Cut your testing sample into a dumbbell shape, as per the image given below.
2. Place the sample in between the tensile grips
3. Initiate the test at a speed of 20 inches per minute
4. Stop the test after sample break 
With the above method one can easily obtain an accurate stress value at specified elongation of material.
Suitable Testing Instrument for ASTM D412
A testing instrument fit for performing ASTM D412 test zero error precision must have these features:
It must be a common testing machine (tensile testing machine)
Maintain a constant speed while the test is running (+/- 2 inches/min)
Allow high elongation as per the materials
Have load capacity as per the sample’s weight
A wide range of testing instruments is capable of performing the ASTM D412 test. One of the leading tensile testing machine across the globe is Presto Tensile Testing Machine Digital.
It is an ASTM standardized testing machine that helps in evaluating the tensile strength of the product. It functions on the basis of the Constant rate of Traverse (CRT) principle.
Other than ASTM D412, Presto Tensile Testing Machine complies with various international test standards like ASTM D429-73, ASTM D624, ATM D638-01, ASTM D76, IS 13360-5-7 and IS 3400.
Key Features 

Highly sensitive load sensor with linearity feature
Cross head travel length of 700mm grip to grip 
Single column rugged structure
Hardened lead screws for frictionless movement
Load cell calibrated by NABL approved 
Highly accurate micro-controller based system controls
Peak Hold facility available 
Immediate analysis of results after test with accuracy 
Do what the world is doing, TRUST PRESTO Testing Instruments and provide your customers with internationally accepted products.

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