How to Prepare Specimen Surface for Conducting COF Test?

How to Prepare Specimen Surface for Conducting COF Test?

The films & packaging materials of products play an extremely important role that is often overlooked by people. These are precisely constructed in accordance with standard derived friction levels to avoid numerous accidents & hazards. There should be a minimal level of dynamic as well as static friction to avoid slippage during stacking & other storage activities as it may cause huge levels of destruction & losses.

The manufacturers of such packaging industry especially adhere to the friction levels of the manufactured material to avoid any such jeopardies. Once the product is manufactured, the manufacturers have to assess the friction levels by conducting a COF test.

The Presto Group has come up with an amazing lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers of the packaging industry in conducting the COF test called the coefficient of friction tester.

The instrument is a result of top-notch engineering as it determines both the coefficient of dynamic friction & coefficient of static friction which is necessary for the manufacturer to test to ascertain a significant level of jeopardy-free packaging as well as to comply with the standard designations.  

This testing instrument measures the smoothness of films & laminates by assessing them under three different methodologies i.e.

1. Sample to sample

2. Sample to metal

3. Sample to glass

Let us understand how the three different methodologies are followed & functioned by the coefficient of friction testing machine.

Functioning of Coefficient of Friction Tester

The high-end lab testing instrument is designed to determine the smoothness of films & laminates to avoid jeopardies by assessing them under different methodologies.

The specimen that is going to be tested needs to be prepared according to the size of the glass placed for the positioning of the sample. It is extremely important to ensure that the specimen is positioned firmly & free from any sort of wrinkles & loops.

The wrinkle-free positioning can be achieved by tightening the sample with the help of the fly screws associated to assess the coefficient of static friction.

Once the specimen is tightened with fly screws within the slide block, now the operator has to attach the slide block to the test block before beginning with the automation process.

The operator can now proceed with testing by setting the speed of the instrument as per the requirement of the designated standards.

The sliding block attached to the test block moves toward the right end of the toggle switch, sliding across the glass panel (glass-to-sample testing method) assessing the smoothness of the specimen. The friction levels of the specimen are depicted on the microprocessor-based display for correct tracking of records and critical analysis from the previously achieved results.

Similarly to conduct the testing in a sample-to-sample method, the sample is wrapped around the glass panel along with the slide block, and in the metal-to-sample method, a metal sled weighing 200 grams is slid across the sample with the help of the sliding block and the stacking ability of the sample against metal surfaces is justified.

The lab testing instrument determines COF value by creating real-life simulations of stacking packaging materials against different materials to ensure safe & secure storage & transit.

The formulas to derive static & kinetic friction are:

Ø Static friction = maximum force value / block weight (in Kg)

Ø Kinetic friction = average of live readings / block weight (in Kg)

The instrument does not only support facile functioning but is also equipped with certain highly advanced technological features that ensure accurate result determination along with single-handed conduction of tests.

Key Features of Coefficient of Friction Tester

The most prominent feature of the lab testing instrument is its ability to assess samples by conducting tests over the samples against three different materials to achieve maximum levels of accuracy.

The instrument comes with an extremely simplistic feather touch control panel that enables the operator to perform tests without any hassle and also minimizes the scope of human intervention thus, minimizing the scope of human error as well.

The variable speed setting features allow the operator to adjust the speed of the coefficient of static friction tester as per the standard requirement. You can read more on the top 5 common problems solved by co-efficient of friction tester. 

The instrument is constructed with a high-quality mild steel material that is coated with powder paint which ensures the durability of the instrument against corrosion.

All these top-notch features contribute towards repeatable precision by the coefficient of static friction tester. You can also read more on the uses of co-efficient of friction tester in the packaging industry. 

There are certain questions that emerge in the minds of the manufacturers from the packaging industry regarding the coefficient of friction tester.

FAQs regarding the Coefficient of Friction Tester

Ques. What types of materials can be tested in the coefficient of friction tester?

Ans. The coefficient of friction tester is designed precisely for assessing the friction values of flexible packaging materials such as laminates, films & tapes.   

Ques. What factors affect the coefficient of friction whether dynamic or static?

Ans.  The factors that are responsible for deriving the COF value of a material are:

Ø Surface smoothness/roughness

Ø Properties of the material being tested

Ø Lubrication (if any)

Ø Pressure

Ø Temperature

Ques. What are the key parameters to consider while selecting a coefficient of friction tester?

Ans.  It is a must to make sure that the instrument enables triple testing methodologies along with assessing the quality and durability of the instrument to ensure long-term as well as rustproof functioning of the equipment.

Ques. What is the coefficient of friction tester price available at Presto?

Ans.  To know the coefficient of tester price, you can simply visit our website and get a quotation. You can even contact with our expert team.

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