How to Provide Best Quality of Corrugated Boxes?

How to Provide Best Quality of Corrugated Boxes

The packaging industry is growing at a fast pace all across the globe. The growth of packaging industries is due to the huge demand for the goods and products and with high-quality. The consumers nowadays want only best quality products irrespective of the cost of the product which forces the manufacturers to provide best quality products so that they can build a strong customer base. The packaging of the product greatly influences the quality of the products.

The packaging of any product is done to offer the best level of safety to the product and to maintain the freshness and hygiene of the product. If the quality of the packaging is not appropriate, it can lead to severe damage to the products during the storage and transportation. To ensure the safety of the products, the packaging which is provided to the products need to be of an utmost quality that could keep the product safe in any storing and handling conditions.

Use & Importance of Corrugated Boxes

The corrugated boxes are widely used to pack big or small products for storage and shipping. These boxes are made up of high-strength fluted cardboards known as corrugated boards. They are independently responsible for the protection of the products that are packed inside them during warehousing, storage or transportation.

For this, the quality of the corrugated boxes is tested with the help of proper testing machine during the manufacturing procedure to assure the quality of the products. To ensure the quality of the packaging products, high-quality testing machines should be used by the manufacturers from the stage of raw material inspection till the final product is manufactured.

Corrugated Box – Major Packaging Component

The major packaging component which is used worldwide for safe packaging is Corrugated Boxes. These boxes are used because they possess a high strength that can tolerate the weight of bulky products and can also protect the products from transportation damage. In order to ensure the strength of the boxes to survive the compression during transit, a box compression test is conducted on the boxes.

How to test the strength & quality of corrugated boxes?

To test the boxes, the sample of the corrugated box is subjected to the extreme amount of compressive pressure which is applied with the help of a testing machine called box compression tester.

The testing machine offers exact measurement of the maximum amount of compression force that a box can bear to its maximum without deformation. This test helps the manufacturers of packaging industries to decide the maximum strength of the box to ensure rigorous warehousing and transportation procedures. This helps the manufacturers to offers high-quality packaging products to the manufacturers and to the end customers.

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