How to Test The Drop Durability of Cartons With a Drop Tester?

How to Test The Drop Durability of Cartons With a Drop Tester?

The strength of a corrugated box is determined by the drop height and impact time. A stronger, heavier box will withstand higher drops than a lighter one with less material. The best way to test this is to conduct the drop tests so that you can compare your results to other manufacturers in your industry. With the help of Presto Drop Tester, you can easily test the drop strength of these testing instruments. This testing instrument has been made with the compliance of industry standards like IS: 7028- Part IV and is useful for ascertaining the transport worthiness of corrugated & solid fiber boxes and shipping containers. It has provision with angular drop arrangement to help accurately ascertain the transport worthiness of the package from all angles.

Many industries make use of this testing machine to determine the potency of plastic bottles and corrugated boxes. The machine operates by dropping a test specimen from a certain height to ascertain the strength of the specimen. The testing equipment can be customized and made available in different specifications as per the demand of the customer. Here in this blog, we are going to provide you with amazing information about how you can test the drop strength of corrugated boxes with Presto Drop Tester.

Introduction about drop tester

Drop tests are a common way to test the strength of corrugated boxes. These tests can be done with the help of a testing instrument known as Presto Drop Tester. We have been providing quality drop testing instruments for more than 25 years and we know exactly what we need to do in order to get accurate results from this type of test. We take pride in our work and want nothing more than for our customers' packaging needs to be met with the utmost care and precision.

Testing the drop strength of your boxes will allow you to know what kind of impact they can withstand, and if they need any adjustments made. Understanding this information will help you choose the best type of box for the right application so that it arrives at its destination in perfect condition. Whenever you are heading towards taking the drop test, make sure that there is no moisture present in the corrugated boxes.

Drop Tester utilizes a high-strength welded material drop platform. When a drop test is initiated, the drop carriage is accelerated straight down from underneath the test specimen, imparting no rotational forces and insuring a flat drop. The drop carriage of the tester falls into slots on the machine’s foundation. Positioning is infinitely variable within the drop range of the machine.

There are several features you will get with the purchase of Presto Drop Tester. They are listed below:

  • Handheld control box to raise and lower drop arm with the package on drop arm.
  • Adjustable clamp to adjust the drop height of the machine.
  • Manual handle is actuated in Drop Tester- Manual Model.
  • This testing instrument is easy to operate and has a strong base plate with a rugged structure.
  • Provision to uplift test platform by guide mechanism.
  • Twin flaps as dropping platforms.
  • The structure is made with Havel grey and blue combinations with zinc chromium coating for corrosion resistance.

These are some of the great features you will get with the Presto drop tester. These testers from Presto are very useful equipment in ascertaining the worthiness of corrugated & solid fiber boxes and shipping containers. Besides the packaging industry, it has been used by many industries to test the worthiness of specimens and is available in different specifications as per the demand of the customers.

Who can use Drop Tester to conduct the quality test?

In the packaging industry, it is important to understand if a package will hold up to shipping conditions or not. One way of testing this is by measuring the strength of a corrugated box from an overhead drop test. Drop testing is an effective way to find out if your packaging will hold up in transit. If it doesn't, then it's time to redesign and get a new box. In the packaging industry, it is important to test the drop strength of corrugated boxes. If a box falls from a certain height and doesn't break, then it may be too weak for its contents. In order to avoid product damage or injury, it's crucial that you know how strong your boxes are before sending them out into the world. Every company has different needs when it comes to their products' safety requirements during shipping - this means they will need different types of boxes with different strengths. For instance, if your business deals with fragile items, you'll want a box that can withstand more weight without breaking open at the top.

Thus, you can easily make use of the Presto Drop tester to make sure that you deliver the quality box to your customers.

This testing equipment can be used by those who need to conduct quality tests and make sure that their corrugated boxes or cartons will stay on top of their competitors. Those who:

Do not want to face product rejections.
Want that their boxes can withstand external pressure when drop from a height.
Want a peaceful business with profits.

This testing machine is designed for the above-mentioned persons. If you are one of them, then, we suggest you go with Presto drop testers. When you purchase this manual model, then you will get the following components in the main unit of the machine.

  • Guide Rod
  • Lever Arm
  • Sliding Arm
  • Wheel
  • Motor Unit
  • Base Plate
  • Foot Rest
  • Platform
  • Lead Screw Bush
  • Lead Screw

These are the different components you will get with the main unit of this testing machine. The technical specifications of this testing machine are following.


  • Maximum Drop Height: 1.8 Meter
  • 2 Type of Test: Straight Angle Drop and 90o Angle Drop
  • Grouting of Device: 4 Nuts
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 60 Kg
  • Lift Mechanism: Manual
  • Gear Box Ratio: 1:7.5
  • Applications: Packaging Cartons, PET Bottles
  • Standard -IS: 7028 – Part IV

These are the technical specifications of the manual model of Presto Drop Tester. Thus, you can easily make use of this testing machine to deliver quality boxes to your customers. If you need any further help regarding the use of this testing machine, then you can call us at +91 129 4272727 or email us at Our technical team will make sure that you will get all information regarding this testing machine.

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