How to Test the Torque of PET Bottles?

How to Test the Torque of PET Bottles

Requirement of PET Bottles

PET bottles are the best packaging material which is used to store the liquids & transport the goods safely from one place to another. Nowadays the manufacturers in every industry like to pack their food in PET containers as they are totally safe and resist any type of spillage or leakage of products. Therefore, it is best for the materials such as liquids that can leak easily. The PET containers have completely replaced the techniques of traditional packaging such as glass bottles and other mediums due to the various advantages of PET containers like stronger, economic, and easy to handle. Moreover, these products are manufactured using fewer resources and money. Therefore, most of the manufacturers prefer PET products over the traditional products for packaging of the products.

Problems Arises with PET Bottles

Most of the bottles and containers are subjected to leakage and spillage, therefore; it is necessary for the manufacturers of PET bottles to ensure that the containers that they are manufacturing are best in terms of quality. Any type of defect which is found in PET bottles directly affects the safety, hygiene, and quality of the product that are packed inside. Therefore, it is mandatory to ensure that the PET bottles have gone through the stringent quality check standard with the help of highly accurate and efficient quality testing machine so that there will be no threat of hygiene in the mind of the customers related to the product.

Problem of Torque in Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps plays a significant role to test the quality of the PET bottles. If the lids and caps of bottles are not tightened appropriately or inferior in terms of quality, then it will directly affect the safety of the products.

How the torque of bottles be measured?

To measure the integrity and intactness of the bottle caps, Bottle Cap Torque tester is the best lab testing device which is used to test the torque strength or opening/closing strength of the PET containers. At the time of testing, the bottle is placed between the solid grips that comprises of load sensors and the cap of the bottles is opened manually to measure that how much strength is required to open the cap of the bottles. When sufficient amount of force is applied to the lids of the bottle, it provides opposite pressure to the bottles that are captured by a load sensor and display on the digital panel. This testing procedure of Bottle Torque tester helps to measure the minimum strength which is required to open the bottle caps.

With the introduction of Cap Torque testers, it becomes easy for the manufacturers to measure whether the bottle is perfect for a particular application or not. For more information on Digital Torque Analyzer, visit:

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