Humidity-controlled chamber: Your on-go Testing Machine to Maintain the Quality of the Products

Humidity-controlled chamber: Your on-go Testing Machine to Maintain the Quality of the Products
  • Gaurav Malhotra

Product quality plays a pivotal role in every industry and these days every customer prefers buying quality products. Customers prefer quality over prices. To deliver the right products to the customers, humidity tests are conducted. Humidity-controlled chambers are used to carry out these humidity tests and evaluate the reliability of the products. 

To check the properties of the materials such as cracking, stress formation, and many other related properties, a humidity test is performed with the help of this equipment. It is used to know about the actual life of the products. Presto is a leading lab equipment manufacturer, and a humidity chamber is one of them. This equipment is made by the set standards so that accurate results can be recorded.

Brief About Humidity Controlled Chamber

It is an advanced lab equipment that is used for testing the products at elevated temperatures. It simulates the real-world conditions in the testing chamber and observes the changes in the physical and chemical properties after conducting the test.

Presto machines are one of the best machines in Asia and a humidity-controlled chamber is one of them that ensures that the products work efficiently in the elevated temperature as well. Presto equipment is standardized and provides accurate results.

Why testing the humidity of the materials is significant?

Materials such as rubber, plastics, and pharmaceutical products are temperature and humidity-prone. Thus, it is essential to perform humidity tests on them to evaluate any changes in their physical and chemical properties against the variable humidity and temperatures. 

The dimensional stability of the materials can be affected due to intense humidity and it can impact the durability of the products as well. Presto is an established humidity chamber manufacturer and its humidity-controlled chamber provides thermal efficiency due to insulation. It can record the results as it comes up with a digital preset timer. 

Some of the Ways to Maintain the Humidity-Controlled Chamber

If you want to run a humidity-controlled chamber for a longer time, then its proper maintenance is essential from time-to-time to. The tips to maintain a humidity test chamber are:

  • For its good life, you need to place the equipment on a concrete base. By placing it on the concrete base, the equipment will run effectively and will give valid outcomes. 

  • Whenever performing the test, it is essential to place the equipment on a concrete base. 

  • To avoid any noise in the fan motor, the screws of the blowing plates need to be tightened firmly. 

  • There is a chance that the humidity chamber gets choked, so you should apply dry air on the humidity sensor to check whether the values are changing. If there are no changes in the values, then you need to replace the sensor.

  • Around 6 inches of space should be left around the chamber.

These are some of the ways to maintain a humidity test chamber. You can also read more on the benefits of using humidity testing chambers in the textile industry. 

Obtain Precise Results by Adhering to International Standards

Presto equipment adheres to the set standards and is calibrated for one year. The certificate of calibration is also provided with the equipment that is NABL-approved. When equipment is standardized, then manufacturers will get precise results that will not fluctuate with multiple tests.

Presto humidity-controlled chambers are standardized and give non-fluctuating results to maintain the quality of the products. It is easy to repair the calibrated equipment and it is cost-efficient as well. Presto offers exceptional customer service even after the installation of the equipment. Comprehensive training is provided to the manufacturers at the time of the installation of the equipment. 

Top Features of Presto Humidity-controlled Chambers

Presto humidity-controlled chambers are high-quality lab equipment that assesses the quality of the materials against variable humidity and temperatures. It helps in determining the performance of the materials in the real world. 

Presto humidity-controlled chamber prices are accessible and within the reach of the customers. This lab equipment comes with highly advanced features which make it the top choice for the customers to conduct the humidity tests. It comprises of in-built auto-tuning function and a water level indicator too. There is rapid air circulation in the chamber and German imported fan as well for uniform heating and cooling inside the chamber. There is a provision for humidity and de-humidity in the chamber and it has an in-built auto-stop feature to stop the machine immediately after the completion of the test. 

Enhancing the Brand Image with Presto Humidity Controlled Chamber

Humidity-controlled chambers can determine the real-life of the products as well. When a humidity test is conducted on the products, their reliability is tested and then manufacturers launch the right products in the market. They test the materials for their sturdiness and durability. 

When the right products are launched in the market, then the brand image of the manufacturers gets enhanced. The company can acquire more customers when delivering the quality products to the customers. Furthermore, it will boost the revenues of the companies. When the quality products are received by the customers, then they will not return the products and it proves to be cost-efficient and time-saving for the manufacturers. Whenever you buy a humidity test chamber then there are things that you must remember. You can read more on the top 3 things to remember while selecting the humidity test chamber.


In this blog, we have described the humidity-controlled chambers completely. Presto manufactures top-grade Humidity Cabinet and ensures that the products are checked for their quality. Presto offers excellent customer service too to meet the expectations of the customers. Presto believes in resolving the issues of the customers in one go only so that customers do not need to call the operators again and again. It makes the entire process hassle-free. Presto offers video call assistance too and service engineers from Presto itself visit the manufacturers to address their issues. Additionally, the local service engineers come to visit the manufacturers to avoid any language barrier issues. In simple terms, Presto offers extraordinary customer service. 

Customers can buy Presto humidity control chambers at affordable prices and can make a call at +91-9210903903 or share an e-mail at to learn about the products in-depth. The team of experts will come to aid you and assist you regarding all your queries.




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