Identify The Colors Of Plastic Plaque With Tp800 Spectrophotometer

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TP800-300x300Plastic plaques are thermoplastic compounds that are molded into test specimens to measure the colors of various products as per the ASTM standards and also used as a sample of the products that represent the plastic manufacturer color palette. From last so many years, the manufacturers in plastic industries all over the world rely on the expertise and knowledge of color measurement devices to maintain the vibrancy of the colors of their products throughout their supply chain.

Color consistency of every piece of a lot is a most important indicator to measure the quality of the plastic products. The process of pressing the plaque for the purpose of color measurement plays a vital role in the process of plastic manufacturing as per the best practices and well-established guidelines of ASTM. Plastic plaques range from opaque to transparent or translucent, hence requires different measurement techniques for different types of samples.

Opaque Plaques – These type of plastic plaques are dense in nature and impassable through any kind of light. The color of opaque plaque plastics can be measuring only with the directional reflectance instrument that works at a viewing angle of 45o/0o or with the diffuse angle of d/8o.

Translucent PlaquesThese types of plastic plaques allows the light to pass but diffusely so that the objects on another side can be distinguished easily. Both the transmittance and reflective measurement mode work on the basis of the translucency of the specimens.

Transparent Plaques – These types of plaques can be measured using the transmission instrumentations, These plaques permit the light to pass through the object with no interruption and helps to see clearly the objects on the other side.

Presto Stantest offers high-quality of spectrophotometers to measure the vibrancy and consistency and for all types of Plastic Plaque Color Measurement. These instruments offer highly reliable and accurate test results. TP 800 spectrophotometer is one of the best and portable testing devices that help to measure the quality of the products.

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