Implement Digital Torque Testing For Quality Control

Implement Digital Torque Testing For Quality Control

Starting the topic, first let us understand very clearly what is torque and why the Torque testing is required for Quality Control. ‘Torque’ is a force applied in a specified angular direction to turn something. In this case we are targeting the PET bottle Caps or container closure systems. For instance the force required to turn a bottle cap for opening it or closing down is a very simple example of torque. Testing the amount of torque required for the cap to close or open is necessary to ensure quality of the product. By conducting such quality test practices one can not only assure the customer of its performance but can also find out and resolve the root cause of many defects. Torque of any object can only be measured using a test machine such as Torque Tester Digital.

The test equipment is used to measure the torque force required to open or close the bottle cap. It deliver highly precise value for torque force application and ensure accurate test process. The test values which is torque will be shown in digital format on the display screen. The screen is wide enough to have a clear vision and is equipped with bright LED light inside for helping the user read properly even in low light conditions. The operative buttons which are used for setting test parameters, and hold Tare or peak value are smooth to touch and sensitive. They don’t need much force to get pushed. There is a separate Main switch button for initiating and ending the test process. So there is no more confusions and only single button start and stop for the machine.
The digital torque indicator screen is based upon a highly integrated and advanced microprocessor program. This helps in producing error free test read outs for the user. The equipment installed a strong clamping fixtures for wide variety of PET bottle. The clamping is used to hold the bottle firmly so that the cap can be opened and closed for testing manually. Up to 9 sample readings can be saved in the machine memory for future use. It also offers an in-house calibration system which allow the operators to fine-tune the tester as per their industry requirement. Equipped with a safety feature which is a lock pin to reduce or avoid the extra force application during the test.

Using such test machinery for conducting quality control in PET bottles is a necessary step to perform. 


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