Importance and Benefits of Bursting Strength Tester

Importance and Benefits of Bursting Strength Tester

Poor packaging can lead to product damage during transportation, delivery or storage. If the primary and secondary packaging of the product are not stiff enough to bear the handling conditions, then the product can get damaged. Thus, it may reach the destination in poor condition. This finally leads to losses incurred by the manufacturer because as they have to fund the compensation or give refunds or replacement. It causes not just financial loss, but also loss of reputation and that of further business opportunity.

Poor Packaging Problems

Research shows that 59% consumers reject products due to bad packaging. This destroys your brand image besides, the financial cost of the product due to packaging damage. 

Inadequate or unattractive packaging puts off consumers and they do not make a repeat purchase or recommend the brand to other users.

Bursting Strength Tester

Considering the above parameters, manufacturers must realize the importance of good, sturdy packaging. Manufacturers could invest in a reliable testing equipment to test the burst strength of packaging materials such as Bursting Strength Tester. This could go a long way in helping them to ensure that their products are safely delivered to the end users.

Benefits of Bursting Strength Testing

Bursting strength of a substance is the pressure at which a film or sheet of plastic or paper will burst. It is a measure of the maximum pressure applied on the paper at a right angle to the surface. The pressure is applied using a bulging circular elastic diaphragm.

Used as a measure of resistance to breaking, bursting strength depends on the scalability of the material and the tensile strength. It is expressed in pound per square inch (psi).

It is beneficial to measure the bursting strength because it allows manufacturers to analyse the strength of the package and ensure that it doesn’t get damaged in transit. Bursting strength value can be used to grade the quality of corrugated material.

Bursting Strength Testing Machine

It measures the bursting strength by applying hydraulic pressure through a rubber diaphragm on a circular area of the sample of the corrugated board under test. A digital indicator is used to measure the force needed to burst the board. It ranges from 0 to 40 kg/ square cm.

Bursting Strength Machine is available with dual system i.e. Digital display when the computer is not available and inbuilt hardware and software CD. Testronix also offers a Bursting Computerised cum Digital Model with Pneumatic clamping.



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