Importance of Glass & Ceramics Testing

Importance of Glass and Ceramics Testing

Use of Glasses and ceramics in Different Applications

Glasses or Ceramics are used for the construction and furnishing, decoration, medical equipment, beakers in laboratories and for various other purposes. With the wide usage of glass products for different applications, it is necessary to test the properties of the glasses such as impact resistance strength, breaking strength, transparency, translucency or opaqueness and many more. Out of the mentioned properties, determining the impact resistance strength of different types of glasses is quite important. Measuring the impact strength of glasses and glass panels where the glasses usually come into direct contact especially at the time of moving to avoid breakage and fatal accidents.

How to ensure the quality of glasses and ceramics?

To ensure the quality of the glasses and ceramics, various types of ceramics and glass testing equipment are used that helps to ensure the integrity of the products. The testing instruments are designed in strict accordance with the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, BIS, ISO, etc.

Type of Impact Tests

The impact test can be performed on the glasses by using different test methods such as:

  • Pendulum Impact Testing or Izod/Charpy Impact Testing
  • Dart Impact Testing

Pendulum Impact Test – Pendulum Impact test is also known as Izod /Charpy impact test. The widely used test method to measure the strength and quality of the glasses and ceramics is Pendulum Impact test. The test involves that the glass panel resists specific amount of impact load which is applied to the material by a swinging pendulum which is attached to a pre-determined load according to the specification of the glasses as per the requirements of the test. After the impact is applied to the sample, the sample is examined for any sort of damage or fracture.


Dart Impact tester – It is also a type of impact test which is widely used to test the impact resistance strength of plastic packaging films that are used in different production verticals for the purpose of packaging. The testing instrument is designed as per the standards that are introduced by standardization authorities to measure the impact resistance strength of plastics.

Standards for Glass & Ceramics Testing

ASTM standardization authorities have introduced the standards for glass and ceramics to evaluate the mechanical, physical and chemical properties of these materials. These materials are used for flooring and tiles, white wares, art and craft, and other industrial applications. The ASTM standards for glass and ceramics are testing help the material science experts in different laboratories to analyze the quality of the products easily to produce high-quality products only.

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