Improve Condition of Packages Using Drop Test

Improve Condition of Packages Using Drop Test

Billions of packages are shipped every year that forms for the exchange and retail of goods to provide comfort related to modern life. It is expected that the packages will arrive in a safe condition to their destinations from the point of departure. Many precautionary actions are used to satisfy these expectations. The most integral part is a quality assurance of packages from vibration, shock, humidity and pressure that causes damage at the time of transport. These can be evaluated by performing drop tests.

Need for Drop Test of Packages

Packages undergo various conditions especially at the airports where airline workers who handle luggage toss the suitcases and other goods across the tarmac. This luggage is not handled with utmost care which results in damages within the cartons during the journey. Carton test must be considered important with master cartons being dropped many numbers of times at various angles.

Drop Test –
Principle of Free Fall
Drop height is based on the weight of the box. A box weighing less than 21lbs i.e. 10 kgs can be dropped from a height of 30 inches and box weighing 100lbs i.e. 45 kgs can be dropped from a height of 8 inches.

IS: 7028 Pt IV standardises a test method for drop testing of loaded containers by free fall. Free fall is done by determining a type of force that a package can bear without damaging product inside. The process must follow a method that is consistent and specific.

Drop test for loaded containers by free fall method includes the use of free-fall drop test equipment that aligns the container in an accurate manner so that it can be dropped from certain heights. The container, which is packed with the actual contents is dropped on a flat surface which is composed of steel or concrete and break resistance is recorded.

Three Step Method

The test is performed in 3-step to measure the drop performance of carton boxes.

  • Seal the opening of the carton box using adhesive tapes.
  • The sample is placed on the placement stage and fixes it strongly. The sample box is placed in a specific direction or in a flat manner.
  • Fix the drop height according to industry requirements.
  • Open the handle to drop the box.
  • Inspect the test result visually.

Drop Tester evaluates the capacity of cartons to bear dropping impacts. Various drop situations are simulated to ascertain the real behaviour. The impact can be experienced at the time of handling, shipping and transport conditions. Presto is the leading manufacturer and supplier of packaging testing instruments.

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