Increase Your Business by Testing Top Load Strength

Increase Your Business by Testing Top Load Strength

 For all packaging manufacturers, lightweighting is the most important concern now a days. Lightweighting can be attained by lowering the raw material volume used in packaging. Using less raw materials should not result in poor quality, weaker containers that fail and crash at the time of their life cycle. Top load testing is an accurate method to determine container integrity.

Plastic manufacturers of various kinds of containers must ensure that the products can bear the forces which they undergo while capping or filling process as well as warehouse stacking. Many ranges of Top load tester are created to support manufacturers test their products for axial load strength according to international standards.

The quality control also known as top load strength ensures stack stability and strongly of the packaging product for the critical stages of transport, storage etc. It helps in identifying weak areas in the wall of the bottler that can result in poor wall thickness distribution.
Top Load tester manufacturer must test the quality of PET containers before introducing it in the market. The top load testing shows the stacking load-bearing capacity of the bottles. The various test method is followed and most used test method measure crush resistance at required deflection along with compression peak force measurement of the bottle.
The sample of the bottle is placed on the wide bottom platen, linked to the test stand’s working table. The load cell linked to the top compression platen exerts a compression force at a fixed speed. The test result can be seen in real time on the color touch screen. The peak force value is the quality of the bottle. The assembly is motorised that has the top plate movable. As the test cycle starts, the plate moves from top to bottom and stay in this direction until the bottle creates buckling.  The pressure on the bottle is maximised at first then it decreases after a certain point which happens when buckling develops.
Presto is a leading supplier and manufacturer of Top load testers. Top Load suppliers all over the world supply testing instruments to manufacturers of PET bottles.  Presto is a renowned master to provide this instrument at an affordable price. The machine can perform top load testing to calculate load force of 100 kgf. It has sophisticated features like the digital control panel to ensure accurate results. The equipment is designed as per the best quality standards. With a team of experts, we offer the best customer post-delivery service. 

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