IS: 7028 Based Carton Box Drop Test

IS: 7028 Based Carton Box Drop Test

Carton boxes are used for storing or transporting products from various industries. They are reliable and durable source of packaging and is considered to be ideal everywhere. However, the worthiness of the carton boxes are tested using Drop tester and conducting Carton box drop test.

The equipment is utilized for estimating the capacity of the carton boxes to withstand the drops experienced by them amid travel and transporting (according to IS: 7028 Pt IV). Arrangement of angular drop is available to find out the transit value of the package from all points. Appropriate for Boxes, Jerry jars and related items.
Arrangement to lift up test stage using guide mechanism. Adjustable Drop Height clamps. Straight and Angular Drop tests can be performed on a solitary Instrument. Solid Base Plate with Rugged structure. Testing Drop Height is Min. 750mm, Max 1800mm. Max. Measurement of Box that to be tested is L 465 x W 445 x H 500 mm (Optional dropping stage sizes additionally accessible on request).
Max weight of Box to be tried is Up to 50 Kg. Opening Actuation is manually handled using lever. Top Edge Holding Device is Included in the delivery. Material used in main body is Mild Steel. Dropping stage compose Twin folds.

To initiate the test, the specimen is placed over the platform and the stage is adjusted at a height required. The carton box is then released to drop. The results are inspected visually.


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