Judge The Colors Of Pharmaceutical Loose Powder With Tp 810 Spectrophotometer

TP 810 spectrophotometer

Hot Wire Bottle Cutter-NXG-Section Weight CutterPowdered chemicals are used in all production houses such as food, paint & coating, pharmaceuticals, building materials, cleaning material, cosmetics are few of them. Whether you need to measure the white color of calcium carbonate, the green color of nickel chloride, blue color of copper benzoate, magenta color of cobalt chloride hexahydrate, color measurements instruments offers best color measurement solutions for all chemical powder manufacturing industries. Many of the manufacturers of chemical industry rely on color measurement devices to test the color consistency and quality of the materials that are used to manufacture the products.

Identify the colors of Powdered Chemicals

The colors of the pharmaceutical powders like microcrystalline cellulose, sorbitol or calcium phosphate anhydrous that are measured as a quality check to measure the color consistency of different lots. TP 810 spectrophotometer is the best testing instrument which works on the directional geometry of 45o/0o to measure the accurate colors that a human eye does. This the best viewing angle which provided by the Testronix to measure the consistency of the opaque materials.

Solution To Measure the Color of Loose Powder

Presto Stantest , an authorized dealer of Testronix color measurement instruments, offers best color measurement solutions to various industries. The best testing machines that Presto offers to their customers includes TP810 spectrophotometer. The spectrophotometer is portable and amazing Pharmaceutical Loose Powder Color Measurement machine that offers stable performance, precise measurement, and powerful functions. To know more about the product, visit www.prestogroup.com/

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