Maintaining Food Quality Using Vacuum Leak Tester

Maintaining Food Quality Using Vacuum Leak Tester

 Food items and eatables are packed in films and packets. For keeping the quality intact, modern technology methods like Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) and Vacuum Packaging (VP) are used. Since MAP implies a blend of some useful gases to protect food while VP is practiced by withdrawing all air. These methods are practiced to increase the self-life of food products, to keep it away from rancidity and spoilage, keeping their quality high. But in any case if the films have any leakage, than the nutritional value of the food also get affected due to the development of bacteria.

These bacteria can be root of severe diseases. Such conditions can be prevented by testing the leakages of the packaging films. Vacuum Leak Tester is a reliable device for leakage tests in wrappers, films, packets, sachets and pouches. The device functions as releasing vacuum pressure in an apparatus at a defined value for a specific time period. If specimen shows any change in shape, means it is having a leakage and should be rejected.
PRESTO manufactures Vacuum Leak Tester Digital-Eco Model for such leakage tests. Presto Vacuum Leak Tester contains a vacuum generator, a transparent chamber, and a vacuum meter. The transparent chamber known as desiccator is an acrylic sheet container holding a drying agent for reducing moisture. The test sample is placed in desiccator; the vacuum is released by turning the knob in clockwise direction. Desiccator is placed in fixed position. Vacuum Pressure of up to 675mm/hg is released and test continues for 1 minute. On the completion of test time, the vacuum release is stopped. The sample is either passed or failed according to need of quality. As per international standards ASTM F 2338-09, ASTM D 4991-07, ASTM D6653 the instrument is reliable and give accurate results. 


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