Maintaining product integrity with Vacuum leak tester

Maintaining product integrity with Vacuum leak tester
Packaging materials are used in a wide variety of packaging these days. The products can be solid products, powder, gels, liquid products etc. Leaks are unwanted openings that occur in the walls of the products. Leaks help the gases, liquid or solid to get away through them and can be created either slowly or suddenly with time. Leaks need to be detected as they harm the product quality if unseen for a longer time. Small leaks can also affect the performance of a part or may cause the machine to fail. Faulty seals and cracks are the main reason for leaks which can be detected by performing vacuum tests.
The vacuum leak tester is used to test for a package such as a gels, sachet, pouch etc. The test is performed by putting a pouch or package in a transparent chamber known as a desiccator. The vacuum is applied by holding there for a predetermined time.
Product packaging is important to avoid contamination and spills to assure product integrity at the time of transportation. Problems like contamination, product material compatibility etc. affect the seal reliability. Vacuum leak tester helps to determine the integrity of packaging products. It is important that seal of the packaging of these products is completely intact so that there is no leakage of the product out of the packaging as well as there is not the possibility of intervention of any external effect with the products.
Method to operate the machine are:
  1. Turn on the machine by plugging the main socket.
  2. Set the test duration on a digital timer.
  3. After setting the time, remove the desiccator cover and place the sample inside the desiccator.
  4. After the sample is placed, cover properly. If the cover is not placed properly then the vacuum will not build up inside the desiccator.
  5. After properly placing the sample, turn the inlet knob to close position.
  6. Look for the sign closed on the knob.
  7. Before stating the test, the pressure adjustment valve is in the closed position.
  8. Press the push to start the button. This will start the vacuum pump.
  9. Hold the desiccator cover, open the pressure adjustment valve.
  10. Keep the pressure adjustment valve open till the value on the pressure gauge reaches the desired value.
  11. After the desired value of the pressure has been reached, close the pressure valve by rotating it in the anti-clockwise direction.
  12. After there is a build-up of vacuum inside the machine, analyse for the integrity of the seal of the sample.
  13. If the seal of the sample is completely intact, it will deform on the build-up of vacuum inside the desiccator.
  14. If the sample has any leakage, it will result in shrinkage and deformation of the sample.
  15. After the completion of the analysis, remove the pressure release the stopper to release pressure from the desiccator.
Presto vacuum leak tester digital eco is a high quality testing device that enhances the quality of packaging material. The equipment is used to check the leakage in various packaging products such as pouches, sachets, confectionery items, grains, gels etc. It complies with ASTM F 2338-09 (2013), ASTM D 6653, ASTM D 4991-07 (2015) standards. 

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