Make Corrugated Boards Resistant To Compression

Make Corrugated Boards Resistant To Compression

Corrugated boards are one of the major shipping and packaging containers that are used in different industries to fulfill the requirements of various applications. They are used for safe storage and shipping of the products. There are many problems with the boxes that arise at the time of shipping when they are stacked one above the other. The process of stacking put the boxes under great pressure especially the box which is kept on the lower layer. This deforms the box due to compression if the quality of the box is not up to the mark. The products that are manufactured need to ensure that boxes are strong enough to survive in critical shipping conditions so that the quality of the product which is packed inside can be maintained.

Compressive Tester to Inspect the Strength

The problem of deformation and compression of Corrugated Boxes can be solved using the best quality of testing machines and instruments. The primary testing machine which is used to measure the resistance of the corrugated boards to compression is Compressive Resistance Tester. It is an ideal test machine which is used to determine the compressive strength of the corrugated boxes which eventually helps the manufacturers to make essential changes in the manufacturing process of the cardboard boxes, corrugated boxes, paper and many more so that the strength of the boxes can be enhanced efficiently using best and premium quality of testing machines.

Testing Machine by Presto

The Compressive Resistance Tester offered by Presto is one of the highly accurate and precise testing machine that efficiently measure the maximum stacking strength that a material can bear to its maximum.

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