Compress The Cartons And Determine The Compression Strength

Compress The Cartons And Determine The Compression Strength

box-compression-tester3-225x300Corrugated Box is the most common type of packaging material which is used in different production verticals to pack and transport the goods safely. These are the most safest mode of packaging which is suitable to pack all types of product as they can bear heavy weights and possesses various features like it resist penetration to liquid, easily bear the vibrations that occur at the time of transportation, and many more. The corrugated boxes are designed with the parallel flutes cavities that offers them extra strength and resistance. But the strength and the quality of the boxes can’t be judged without making use of high-quality of testing equipments.

Solutions to Assess the Properties of Corrugated Boxes

When the boxes are used for storage, warehousing and transportation, these boxes are piled up one above the other. This test put a huge amount of force on the box which is placed on the lowest layer. This can burst or damage the boxes to the great extent and can also affect the quality of the goods that are placed inside the cartons. To prevent the quality of the goods, the corrugated boxes need to be tested by judging the compression strength. This strength can be determined with the help of high-quality of testing instrument i.e. Box Compression Tester in Nigeria. Box Compression Tester is the best device that exerts determined amount of force on the boxes to compress the boxes and analyze the maximum compression force that a box can beat without deforming the shape or size of the product.

Best Solution to Determine the Compression Strength of Boxes

Presto Stantest is one of the best manufacturers of finest quality of Box Compression Tester in Nigeria that offers high-quality of laboratory testing instruments in Nigeria to the manufacturers of packaging industries . The device is ergonomically designed by the experienced engineers as per the standards that are provided by reputed authorities.

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