Make Corrugated Boxes Safer for Electronic Devices

Make Corrugated Boxes Safer for Electronic Devices
In today’s digital world, electronic device manufacturing is a booming industry. Linking the entire planet with the click of a button, mobile devices have become a powerful tool of communication. Starting from domestic appliances to electronic gadgets, this industry is involved in diverse inventions and innovations, making our lives easier and better.
As fascinating as these devices may be, they are expensive too. The production process and material used to manufacture them is of the finest quality. Since so much investment, has been made to manufacture these state-of-the-art devices, is it not essential to ensure that they reach the customer safe and sound?
It is well known that electronics are fragile items and should be packaged in a way that protects them from the shocks that they’re bound to experience during transit. Perhaps the single biggest threat to your business, when considering packaging, is that of transit damage. In fact, alongside the cost of returns and replacements, it can have an extremely negative impact on your customers’ satisfaction.
This post will introduce you to the most advanced material testing solution- the Edge Crush Tester - for evaluating the strength of corrugated fibre boards, which are generally used to carry or transport electronic devices.
The packaging industry which is responsible for producing corrugated boxes for packaging of electronic devices such as mobile, tablets, television etc. must ensure that their boxes are of superlative quality. The Edge Crush Tester can be used to determine the ability of corrugated paperboard to withstand a top load when it is fabricated into a corrugated shipping container. The test involves carefully cutting a sample of the material and subjecting it to a top load in an edge down configuration.
The test, thus, gives an indication of the ability of the box, made with the tested sample, to withstand static and dynamic top load as would occur during transportation, warehousing or distribution. Based on the edge test value, the manufacturer can determine and assign the production quality as per necessary standards.
The testing machine is equipped with upgraded technology and easy to use buttons. The test results can be seen on the display screen, even when the test is running.

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