Manufacture Fall-Resistant Corrugated Boxes with the Drop Tester

Drop Tester
  • Gaurav Malhotra
  • 17-06-2024

The utilization of corrugated boxes as packaging materials in the rigid paper & packaging industry is widespread across the globe. These corrugated boxes act as a protective layer over different & vast quality materials that can be damaged or can cause damage when exposed to the environment due to their highly reactive nature.

Different kinds of materials & products are packed inside these boxes in order to attain precise transportation and storage valuation. These corrugated boxes are trusted by manufacturers all across the globe due to their capacity as well as easy storage that can be accommodated without any hassle. However, along with top-notch features and an easy-to-use working mechanism, these boxes aren’t the most durable packaging material to be utilised.

This makes it highly crucial for manufacturers of these boxes to enhance the quality by rigorously checking the quality & resistance of these boxes against falls. The manufacturers of these boxes evaluate the corrugated boxes with absolute resilience.

The Presto Group has come up with highly advanced lab testing equipment that is designed to evaluate the ability of these corrugated boxes to withstand impacts when dropped from a certain height. The lab testing equipment is known as the Drop Tester.

The Drop tester is equipped with extremely advanced testing measures that help manufacturers assess the corrugated box, dropped from a height perfectly and flawlessly.

The working of the drop tester is also very simplistic and urges manufacturers across the globe to get their hands on the instrument and utilize the same for safeguarding the products from getting contaminated or preventing them from causing jeopardies in case of flammable liquids.

Working Mechanism of the Drop Tester

The drop tester machine is offered with a seamless module that allows the testing to be conducted in different specimen positionings for a more accurate test result.

·       The first & foremost step to conduct the freefall test is to place the specimen in either of the three testing positions i.e. surface facing drop test, corner-facing drop test, and edge-facing drop test.

·       The instrument is adjusted in either of these three positions on the twin-door platform of the lab testing equipment. Along with the twin-door platform, the adjustment of the specimen is also conducted with the help of the specimen holder associated with the t-like bar associated with the drop tester machine.

·       The operator is now allowed to adjust the height of the specimen to different levels with the help of the adjustments with the Allen key that enables the operator to comply with the guidelines of variable standards.  

·   Once the specimen is precisely adjusted on top of the twin-door platform, the lab testing instrument allows the operator to perform further testing procedures. 

The adjustment of the instrument allows the operator to release the twin-door platform with the help of the brake release pedal or a controlled remote.

·   The releasing of the twin-door mechanism is performed in such a way by the instrument that the falling of the corrugated box is absolutely free from the exertion of any force other than gravity to assess precise testing measures.

· The operator of the drop tester can now easily evaluate the uncertainties or the dents & damages that were caused due to the freefall by simply looking at the box. It is a must to make sure that the corrugated box is filled with the item that it must carry during the transit or the storage process for even more accurate lab testing equipment.

With this testing module, the drop tester manufacturers designed lab testing equipment that is widely accepted by manufacturers from variable industries as these corrugated boxes are utilized in a lot of industries due to their high demand, affordability & portability.  

The Drop tester is a lab testing instrument that does not belong to a single or limited industry because of its ability to pack variable materials inside. The industries that get their hands on the drop tester to ensure the best and most precisely constructed drop tester are widely spread across.

Industries using Drop Tester for Shipments & Transits

·       Aeronautical Industry: The products of the aeronautical industry are highly expensive and therefore not a lot of manufacturers create them due to which the parts of these aeronautical bodies are transported very frequently through ships & airplanes. The transportation of these products requires the usage of corrugated boxes.

·       Electrical Devices & Appliances Industry: Industries that deal with major electronic products like mobile phones, washing machines, kitchen appliances, etc. utilize corrugated boxes as per their size for transportation from one place to another due to large shipments as well as the ability of these corrugated boxes to withstand falling and stacking which is highly crucial during these long travels.

·       Stationery & Products: There are numerous pens, pencils and other stationary products that are delivered with corrugates on them due to the ability of corrugated boxes to safeguard the most delicate material graphite & other materials utilized in the making of such stationery from free filling.

·      Petroleum Industry: Industries that utilize flammable materials can cause huge jeopardies during the transit & storage of these materials to fluids from one place to another. These fluids are highly reactive and can cause fire when in contact with nature. Therefore, for extra layering and protection of all manufacturers and other aspects from fire-related jeopardies, it becomes crucial to add durable layerings above these materials & products as corrugated boxes.

Get Your Hands on the Finest Drop Tester by Presto Group Right Now

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