Measure Bursting Strength of Flexible Packaging for Its Sustainability

Measure Bursting Strength of Flexible Packaging for Its Sustainability

Reasons for the remarkable growth of flexible packaging in the last two decades are technological invention, attractive economics and sustainability issues. With an assessment of $31 billion in sales of 2017, brand owners are adopting pouches, films and bags as a packaging solution. As one of the fastest growing part of the packaging industry, flexible packaging connects the best qualities of plastic, paper, film and aluminium foil to give a wide range of properties using less material.

Flexible packages mainly utilised for products, consumer and for applications in industries, to protect, market and distribute an array of products. Paving the way in packaging invention, flexible packaging gives value and marketability to food and non-food products.

Food and beverage industry invests a lot in their packaging. With attractive designs, they focus on the durability of their packages. As they carry consumables, the package manufacturer and transporter must take care of it. Flexible packaging needs more attention as they are prone to damage. Leaked pouches, burst packets, puffed packs lead to rejection from the distributor as they spoil the complete lot.

Flexible packaging is required to be strong enough to deal with the pressure. A Bursting Strength Testing Machine helps in deciding the capacity. In this test, a sample of flexible packaging is kept on the tester. The Burst Strength Tester starts applying pressure on the sample until it ruptures. The load sensor in the testing machine shows the result on the screen.

Bursting Strength Tester of Corrugated Box is a multipurpose testing machine which can be used for flexible packaging samples that can be used to measure the bursting strength of corrugated boards, paper, fabric, aluminium cans etc.

Manufacturers must ensure that the consumables reach the end customer in a hygienic state and is fit for consumption. The packing should not be leaked or puffed. Bursting strength of the material is an indicator of the composition, strength and properties of the material. The bursting strength is the amount of force that a material can withstand when putting under pressure that is applied to a rubber diaphragm through the hinge of liquid.

With the determination of bursting strength of the material, the manufacturers assure that they deliver the best quality of products to the client. Presto’s Bursting Strength Tester Price is the most reasonable price offered to its customers all over the world. The machine has a very easy installation. It offers an accurate calculation of the bursting strength of the test sample.

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