Measure Stacking Ability of Packaging to Ensure Safety of Contents Inside

Measure Stacking Ability of Packaging to Ensure Safety of Contents Inside

Packaging is a way to ensure the safe delivery of a product to the ultimate user in a sound condition at the least cost. Many importers are obsessed about the appearance and feel of the packaging while others are struggling just to deliver the products to customers undamaged. In a survey of 2016, 1,999 online shoppers found that one in ten has received their products in a damaged way. Several factors affect the packaging and contents inside, it can be raw materials used to manufacture the packaging products, regulations in the market of sale and climate all through the supply chain.

Box Compression Tester is designed to test the compressive strength of standard size corrugated box, and containers that are manufactured of other material with compressive strength less than 30kN. It is capable of several functions for all parameters in standards like display, memory, parametric test and print function. It adheres to standards such as ASTM D642, ISO 12048, JIS Z0212, TAPPI T804 and ASTM D4169.
Box Compression Test is the destructive test which measures the deformation when the sample is loaded with maximum pressure or crushing strength. The two parameters are set, they are load force value and deformation value. Either of them can be set by the user with respect to the requirement of the user. The measure is fulfilled when any parameter attains the set value.
Stacking test is used to test the strength of the sample to bear constant pressure in a specific time. It sets two parameters, they are testing time in hours and the compressive strength. When the test initiates, the system checks the current pressure at any given time to assure the set value. The measurement is completed when the test time is expired or the deformation value is more than the set one within testing time.
Box Compression Testing evaluates packaging materials that are either stacked or compressed in small spaces with other items. During a compression test, the force is applied to the container’s faces. The test measures the ability of a container to prevent external compressive loads. The box is compressed between two parallel paltens which discloses distorted or damage shape corners or any damage to contents inside. This test is only top to bottom test that is carried out on an empty sealed corrugated box.
Compression Strength Tester calculates using McKee formula and shows the relationship of compression strength and the dimension of the box, which is the perimeter of the corrugated shipping container.

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