Measurement of Moisture Content in Food Samples

Measurement of Moisture Content in Food Samples

Presence of unnecessary moisture in the food content impacts its taste and texture. There are internal standards set for the moisture content that makes the production process smooth while keeping the taste and appearance in mind. If the food ingredient is drier than prescribed limit, it would impact the final consistency of the product. On the other hand, too much of moisture may result in the blocked piping process. Apart from that, food with excessive and unnecessary moisture is prone to microbial growth. This is why it is very important to keep a tab on the water content in food ingredients. 

There are standardised techniques that are used for determination of water content in the food. This helps in making the products and procedures acceptable worldwide. If there is no standardized process, the results will vary hugely and may create contradictions. 
Moisture Content Analysis in Food
Thermogravimetric analysis is the most commonly used and cost-effective technique, out of all. In this process, the samples are dried using oven, halogen, IR or microwave and then weighed on a digital balance. The difference in the weigh is the water content of the food. Moisture analyzer works on the principle of thermogravimetric and majorly used for commercial purpose or moisture test for food in laboratories. In this, a sample is weighed first and then heated to a point where it releases its moisture completely. Then, the sample is allowed to wait for some time for cooling or to analyse if it is absorbing the moisture again from the surroundings. Finally, the sample is taken and weighed again. The weight observed is the moisture content value of the food. To be more confident about the value, you may repeat the testing process. Make sure while repeating the test process, the sample taken should be of same weight. 
Advantage of using moisture analyzer
The results obtained are very rapid and accurate. The halogen mode of heating works for any substance. Presto’s heating device has a halogen as a heating device integrated with precise balance for making it one station for complete measurement. The inbuilt processor does all the calculates and gives the final value in the form of a percentage. They are capable of delivering fast and accurate test results. 
If you are still unsure which technique would work best for your testing. Do not hesitate in dropping a query, our experts would help you in choosing the best method.  

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