Measuring Toughness Of Plastics Using Izod/Charpy Impact Tester

Measuring Toughness Of Plastics Using Izod/Charpy Impact Tester
Charpy and Izod impact testing are common methods of identifying the ruggedness and strength of a material. The total energy of the material is absorbed. A direct relation exists between the absorption of energy and brittleness of the material. For example, glass has low absorption rates than copper or aluminium. Charpy Impact tester is an accurate machine that can be used in various industries such as rubber, forging, plastics etc. to analyse the impact on materials.
The need for the test is to know the energy absorption properties of the material as it can be used to detect how much plastic deformation the material can bear.
The Charpy impact test or Charpy V-notch test can be defined as standardized to identify the amount of energy absorbed by the sample when the pressure is implemented. In early 1900, the test became more familiar as the Charpy test due to the efforts and contributions by Charpy. This test determines the sample resistance to impact from a swinging pendulum.
The Charpy impact test is performed on a sample with U-notched or V-notched in the centre and has support at extremes. The sample is broken by a blow of a pendulum having particular weight and length. The pendulum is dropped from a certain height and applies pressure on the sample. The standard size of the sample is 10mm x 10mm x 55 mm. The energy that is absorbed is measured. The energy implemented on the material can be modified based on specifications of the sample by modifying the weight and height of the pendulum prior to the test. The angle incorporating an arm in the form of a circular arc of 150° and the maximum capacity is 21.68 joules.
Presto Charpy Impact tester measures the impact resistance of plastics. Useful in plastic testing labs and quality control departments. The types of tests conducted by the equipment are Izod (for horizontal impact on vertical clamp) and Charpy (for vertical impact on horizontal clamp). The impact strength is measured in J/m2. It adheres to standards ASTM D256 - 10, ASTM D618-13, ASTM D 883-12, ASTM D 1204-14, ASTM D1248-12, and ASTM E691-14.
Available with optional accessories such as motorized notch cutter and Izod Impact tester digital cum Computerized. It has interchangeable weights of R1, R2, R3, R4 and R5. 

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