Moisture Content Measurement in Food Items

Moisture Content Measurement in Food Items

Any moisture content or water content in the food product may lead to its early expiry. It strongly impacts its taste and texture. This is why it is very important to keep a close tab on the water content so as to increase the shelf life of the food and keeping the taste and texture intact. Unnecessary moisture content or low moisture content may bring unwanted results in the food ingredients at the time of preparations. It is always to be kept in mind that unnecessary moisture content may support the growth of the microbial growth. 

There are many standardised moisture tests for food materials to check the moisture content in the food samples. With this approach, it would be helpful for the manufacturer to make products that are globally acceptable. For every manufacturer, it is very important to keep a check on the relative standards so as to explore the international prospects. Because it is always good to strategize your workflow considering the changes and adaptation to future. 

Moisture Analyser
Presto offers a smart moisture analyser to measure the water content of the food substance. It works on the thermogravimetric principle. This device is equipped with a highly sensitive digital balance and a halogen lamp. A small amount of sample is put on the plate of the instrument. The digital balance immediately measures the weight and halogen lamp start heating the sample. 
As the sample reaches a constant weight and doesn’t show any further reduction in weight, the digital balance again measures the weight of the sample. The halogen bulb heats the sample until the water content eliminates completely from it. The difference in the weight of the sample before and after heating is the moisture content in the food sample. This test process is repeated to get the best test results. 

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