Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Quality Control

Peel Strength Test for Adhesive Quality Control

Peel test is a common test practice to assure Adhesive quality control in various industries. However, manufacturers while performing the test are not focusing on the quality and standardization of the test equipment itself. It is very important that the instrument you have chosen is not on follows global test standards but also deliver accuracy in test data. Presto brings you a high-quality solution with flexible peel test facilities.

Peel Strength Tester is a standardized and automated test equipment used for conducting precise Peel strength test for adhesive materials. Suitable for testing the stability of adhesives such as glue or tape when applied on substrate and checking the ability of getting peeled off from a surface. The equipment is designed and manufactured following international test standard ASTM D 903.
The display screen is based on a hi-tech microprocessor program which accurately converts force applied into numeric values. User can see the peel adhesive strength value calculated on screen. The force application is controlled uniformly to ensure equal distribution over the test specimen. Equipment is capable of performing two mode testing. It can conduct peel test both at 180 degree and 90 degree angle. The sample clamping fixtures for both the test process is distinct (90 degree fixture available only on request). The display screen enhanced with bright LED installations for clearer vision in low light conditions.
Peel Strength Tester can be calibrated as per your industry requirements. It has an inbuilt calibration technology which will allow the user to set the equipment performance as per requirements. Soft feather touch button for user comfort. While conducting Peel strength test for adhesive, the equipment evaluated the exact peeling force required to separate the adhesive from the substrate. More the peel force, stronger is the adhesive. Have a load cell capacity of 20 Kgf. Digital screen for test display. Deliver accuracy of ± 2% on full load application. Assures a test speed of 300 mm/min. Safety switches are installed for controlled test. Multi-speed feature is also available with VFD drive – from 30 to 300 mm/min.

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