Perform Bursting Tests on Aluminium Foils

Perform Bursting Tests on Aluminium Foils

 Packaging is the technology of protecting products for storing, sale and distribution. Packaging should be done so that the products are protected to maintain it in its original position. According to the World Health Organisation, the wastage of foods in the third world countries is as high as 50% and in a developed nation, it is 3%. The difference lies due to the good quality of packaging. It helps in promoting products by establishing brand recognition. Packaging also conveys warnings and instructions on products with content ingredients. Poor quality of packaging brings a bad reputation to the company. Packaging involves materials like foil, labels, film etc. The major quality of packaging is its strength, appearance and quality. The manufacturers need to check each of these properties thoroughly to avoid any defect in the quality of the product.  

Foil wrapping keeps the food warm and fresh for a few hours. It can stand high temperatures and covers the food by providing nourishment to the material. It acts as a good insulator and widely used packing material. Aluminium foil has a thickness between 0.00017 and 0.0059 inches. Manufacturers perform testing on them to serve the purpose in various applications as per its strength. Bursting strength tester- digital Pneumatic with the printer is a device to test the bursting strength of foil paper.
The equipment has high tech features with pneumatic control to give pressure. The pneumatic application operates with hydraulic pressure that ensures vertical load without any manual interference. It can be used to test the bursting strength of corrugated paper, boards, foils etc. the equipment complies with various standards. By using the high quality testing machine, properties and quality of packaging products are to be tested.
Presto Bursting strength tester is designed in such a way that it can be operated single handed with advanced locking feature. Solid holding braces without any slippage. Feather control touch with repeatable tests to be performed. It can hold up to 9 readings. Zero mistake test with the use of pneumatic force in all directions. The unique feature is the printer facility. The user can have a print of the test result. It is important to check the bursting quality to check the value control in many businesses. 

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