Perform Edgewise Compression Test on Corrugated Sheet

Perform Edgewise Compression Test on Corrugated Sheet
Corrugated sheets are the raw material used for manufacturing corrugated boxes. The material are expected to exhibit high quality such as better resistance against compression forces. To test the calibre of each fibreboard sheet and see that if they are resistant towards the forces they are checked under controlled environment.
The ideal set up used for testing the compression strength of the corrugated sheets is Edge Crush Tester. The compression strength when checked for the raw material, it is done edgewise. The edge crush strength is checked for its compression load resistance.
The test equipments is a hi-tech model and is designed by skilful technicians. It allows the operators to conduct three mode edge testing – Ring Crush Test or RCT, Edge Crush Test or ECT, Flat Crush test or FCT. These are the modes which are in demand in the corrugated industry for testing the quality of fibreboard material. By allowing all these three modules, Edge Crush tester by Presto made it to the bestselling equipment.

It has strong gripping clamps composed of strong and high grade material, designed specially to clamp any type of specimen easily. The grip ensures no slippage during the test process. NABL Certified load cell is equipped in the test machine to offer uniform force distribution. In the absence of such component, the force can lay upon unevenly on the specimen surface and which can lead to error in test results. But with the use of load cell one can assure that the test results will be error free and precise. 

Let us explain the use and significance of the three modules of the test which includes, Ring Crush Test or RCT, Edge Crush Test or ECT, Flat Crush test or FCT. In the Ring crush test, test specimen is cut out in a thin layer of corrugated sheet which is rotated and the both ends meet forming a round structure with a whole inside, in the form of a ring and the tested under crushing pressure. In the flat crush test, the specimen is cut out in circular shape and placed flat on the test areas and is examined under load. And in the edge crush test, the small square shaped piece of a cardboard is kept on it sedge and is test for its strength. All the three test modes is used for estimating the resistance of the corrugated sheet at these three levels.


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