Perform Section Weight Analysis On Pet Bottles To Ensure The Quality

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Hot Wire Bottle Cutter-NXG-Section Weight CutterHot Wire Bottle Cutter is the highly efficient and effective testing machine that provides the best opportunity to cut the PET containers or polyethylene containers into different sections to calculate the weight of each section of bottles individually to determine balancing of the bottles.

How to Perform Section Weight Analysis Easily?

The instrument is equipped with the canthal wires that cut the bottle firmly without destroying the shape of the bottle. To perform the process of section weight analysis, place a sample of the bottle on the testing machine and start the instrument. When the wires get heated, the device will cut the bottle in three different sections firmly without destroying the edges or shape of the bottle in order to measure the thickness of the bottles appropriately.

Presto’s Hot Wire PET Bottle Cutter

The Section Weight Cutter helps in performing section weight analysis of the PET bottles. The testing instrument is assembled with the following parts namely. Steel scales to set the distance between the wires, two adjustable canthal wires to cut the bottles into three sections and a temperature controller that helps to establish the heating temperature of the wires.

The testing machine contributes to performing free hand operation to do section weight analysis. The instrument is designed with user-friendly controls to cut the bottle firmly in multiple sections. The wires of the device cut the bottle without applying any kind of force and without deforming the shape or edges of the bottles. Call our technocrats, to know about more features of the instrument.

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