Cut The Pet Bottle Easily For Section Weight Analysis

Cut The Pet Bottle Easily For Section Weight Analysis

PET bottles acquire the best position in packaging industries to fulfill the packaging requirements. The bottles are used to pack different types of products, but the main use of PET products is in pharmaceutical industries, edible items, beverage industries, chemical industries etc. The main reason for the usage of PET products is that these products are non-reactive nature of the PET bottles when they come in direct contact with the chemicals. Therefore, it is the first choice of the manufacturers to fulfill the purpose of packaging. It is mandatory to test the quality of the products and bottles so safeguard the products which are stored in the bottles from hurdles. There are many properties that must be determined to measure the quality of the PET bottles such as wall thickness, section weight analysis, transparency, strain distribution and base clearance, etc. Hence, it is mandatory to measure the properties of the bottles to measure the quality of the PET bottles.

Section Weight Analysis for Measuring Proper Material Distribution

The well-known and most effective test procedure which must be performed on the PET bottles is Section Weight Analysis. This is performed to determine the equal distribution of the material throughout the bottles equally according to the size and diameter of the bottles. The analysis of weight of each section can be done efficiently by cutting the bottle in three sections without influencing the actual shape of the bottles. This can be done using perfectly fine and sharp cutters. The best device to cut the bottles in the section is Hot Wire Cutter for Plastics. This cutter efficiently cuts the PET or a plastic bottle in three sections without deforming the quality, shape and design of the bottles.

Presto offers premium quality of Hot Wire Cutter for Plastics. The instrument has canthal wires that cut the bottles efficiently. The device offers highly accurate and reliable test results. To know more, click


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