Perform Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Packaging Testing With Best Quality Testing Machines

Lab Heat sealer

Lab Heat sealerShrink sleeve wrap or shrink films are manufactured with the polymers and plastic film. It is the best means of packaging products which are widely used in packaging industries. The process of shrink wrap is performed on the thermoplastic films by applying sufficient amount of heat on the surface of the thermoplastic films which tightly shrink and wrap the material. The heat on these materials is provided with the help of heat sealers.

If the users look around in any market, he will find a lot of products are packed in the shrink sleeve wrapping packaging. The products that are packed in such kind of packaging material include jam bottles, soft drink containers, shampoo bottles and many more. These containers are designed in different shape and size which require a different type of label packaging or wrapping. The process of label wrapping on such kind of bottles is done with the help if shrink sleeve is wrapping packaging testing.

Types of Shrink Sleeve Wrapping Packaging & Testing Strategies

Shrink sleep wrap paper is available in two types i.e. roll-fed labels and sleeve wrap packaging labels. These types of packaging materials are used on a large scale in different production verticals to provide an elegant look to the items. Therefore, the manufacturers in packaging manufacturing units must test the quality of shrink films using Shrink sleeve wrapping Packaging Testing instrument. The various laboratory testing equipments that are used to verify the quality of these packaging products includes, peel/ bond/adhesion tester, heat sealer, dart impact tester and many more.

Presto Stantest, a leading manufacturer of testing instruments, offers a broad range of testing devices to test all types of paper and packaging materials to test the strength and quality of the end product. For more information on any of the instrument, consult our experts.

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