Polariscope Strain Viewer-Different Application Area

Polariscope Strain Viewer-Different Application Area
The plastic material which is made by following the blow moulding procedure often gets into some making issues which gets fixed in the final product. These issues are strain distribution and stress on the plastic surface of bottle or preforms. Especially preforms as there are maximum chances of having stress and strain distribution on them while their manufacturing. In this blog post, we will discuss in detail the dints roles of Polariscope – Strain Viewer in other areas of interest.
The preforms are made using the blow moulding procedure where the plastic raw material is melted giving a properly fixed heating and then dropped with a fixed speed into the gaskets which are shaped inside in the form of preforms. After which by exerting more pressure and temperature they are blown to acquire the shape of the complete bottle. Now how to know that the process is going right. Well majorly the preforms are tested so that we can avoid the errors appearing prior the final product productions process
Polariscope is utilized to see the minute and even minute stress or strain distributions. The preforms are kept on the observing stage and a polarized light is allowed to pass the same. This passing light will generate an image and the stress will be seen in distinct colour forms. These forms can be then compared to the defect charts and known that the defect is due to this particular step of production is at fault.

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