How Does the Refractive Index Enable Polariscope in Deriving Uniformity of Preforms?


The polymer and plastic reforms are used in the production of numerous devices 7 equipment. These polymers & PET preforms are durable, trustworthy & cost-efficient materials due to their properties which makes them the prime choice material for manufacturers from different industries.

These materials & preforms undergo various testing measures before they are utilized in the final production process to eradicate the scope of bearing hefty losses in the realm of mass production.

One of the important testing standards is to evaluate the evenness or uniformity of the material used across the body of the preform. This is an extremely important aspect to be measured against, in order to avoid delays and faults in the later stages of production.

The Presto Group offers a highly advanced & futuristic lab testing instrument called the Polariscope strain viewer. The instrument follows the simple scientific phenomena of refraction to assess the evenness or strains within the preform.

An example of refractive index will be the most suitable to understand how exactly the instrument functions. You might have seen that when a pencil is dipped into the water kept in a glass it appears to be bent. This happens because light does not travel as fast in water as it does in the gaseous medium. Following the same phenomena the light is spread across the polymer preform and the refractive index of a certain type depicts what sort of refraction is right and what sort of refraction is wrong.

Since we are aware of the core mechanism of the polariscope strain viewer, it is also important to understand how the instrument actually functions and enables the operator to achieve precise & accurate results.

Functioning Process of Polariscope Strain Viewer

The instrument has an extremely simplistic working process to allow manufacturers from different industries to get their hands on it with absolute ease and expedite the testing process with minimal breakers & hiccups.

To commence the testing it is extremely important to assess that the specimen can easily fit in the carved-out label, designed for the positioning of the sample precisely.

Once the specimen is placed in the designated position, the instrument is turned on which enables the CFL light assembly along with the sodium light assembly to spread across the specimen uniformly. The uniformity of the lights sprayed across the specimen allows the light to travel through & back the specimen creating a refractive index for the operator to be viewed.

The operator can simply assess the differences (if any) through the variability in the refractive index and can evaluate all the uncertainties by visualizing the differences through the wide open glass area.

The same test is conducted again at a different angle. Basically, the Polariscope strain viewer allows the operator to perform testing at two variable angles:

1. 90o  viewing angle

2. 45o viewing angle

The two different angles allow the operator to critically analyze the differentiation among the refraction from one side to another.

The simplistic working mechanism provided with a chart for the correct refraction standards aids the manufacturer of the specimen as well as the operator of the instrument in achieving highly accurate and precise results and considering the uncertainties (if any) at the initial stages.  

The polariscope strain viewer has certain features that aid manufacturers in attaining accuracy & simplifying the working of the instrument.

Key Features of Polariscope Strain Viewer

The lab testing instrument is a feature-loaded equipment with all the futuristic engineering inputs, allowing manufacturers to achieve maximum accuracy repeatably.

The lab testing equipment offers a 240 x 260 mm wide glass viewing area to enable the operator or the visualizer to easily assess the refraction through strains by optimizing the naked eye view. You can also determine the strains present in the products with the Presto polariscope strain viewer. 

The instrument is equipped with two intense lights I.e. the CFL light also known as the monochromatic light assembly along with sodium light, ascertaining refraction to a much clearer aspect.

The incorporation of two different viewing angles also increases the accuracy by making sure that the lights around the specimen are uniformly distributed without any hindrance. In simpler terms, the two angles enhance the accuracy levels of the derived results.

The lab testing instrument has minimal controls that enable the operators to quickly understand the functioning of the device and enhance the accuracy of the conducted tests.

Manufacturers from related industries have certain questions that need to be considered in order to eradicate confusion and queries.

FAQs Regarding Polariscope Strain Viewer

Ques. How does the Polariscope strain viewer use the refractive index as a core mechanism for testing?

Ans. The Polariscope strain viewer is an ergonomically designed lab testing instrument that uses the scientific phenomena of refraction to assess the quality of evenness of a PET preform material. The light passes back & through the specimen forcing refraction, in the case of strains the refraction will tend to differ which will be easily depicted when seen with the naked eye by the visualizer.  

Ques. What makes Polariscope strain viewer, the prime choice for manufacturers?

Ans. Polariscope strain viewer has gained the assurance of manufacturers due to its consistent deliverance of accurate results for a long period of time which is possible because of the features imbibed within the instrument like the large viewing area, the uniform assembly of lights, etc.

You can also get your hands on the Polariscope strain viewer and determine the strains over a PET preform specimen with maximum ease.

Buy Polariscope Strain Viewer As Soon As Possible

To achieve high-quality products and construct a brand value by distributing them, you can simply trust the Presto Group & their lab testing instruments. The polariscope strain viewer is one such top-notch lab testing instrument designed to aid manufacturers from different industries in assessing strains & unevenness within their specimens.

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