Pre-detect Defects of PET preforms with Polariscope Strain Viewer

Pre-detect Defects of PET preforms with Polariscope Strain Viewer

 PET bottles and fiber bottle containers are playing a significant role in the marketplace of cosmetic, beverages, and pharmaceuticals. Any strain or defect during the process of moulding of preforms can affect quality of the liquid filled within it. For Instance, Medicinal syrup need to be more cautious with the bottles to keep the liquid medicine more guarded.

These preform are made of some molecular material. Every material shows some optical properties like refractive indices. There are some materials which show double refraction at a time. This property of double refraction is called birefringence and depends on the polarization, light type and direction of light. This factor can help to detect defects and strains in the preforms.

Polariscope is a device that effectively uses this polarization principle with the help of different lights and at varied angles. This principle can help to decide the quality and transparency test. There is a scientifically defined defect for every type of refracting light that can be assessed visually.
Presto Polariscope Strain Viewer works on with same principle of optical polarization. A PET sample is placed at testing area. It is visualized at different angles placing sample at 45° and 90° with respect to the direction of light. The refracting light over the material help to identify the type of defect after visualizing it from the top. This can help to evaluate all defect types like Thermal degradation because of molecular deterioration, crystallinity which have effects on hardness, density, transparency, diffusion in the material and many more. There are 12 varied defects defined on the Preform defect chart at both angles consecutively with CFL light and Sodium light.
The instrument is manufactured here in two models: Polariscope Strain Viewer Deluxe and Polariscope Strain Viewer Computerized Model. It gives you a viewing area of 260 mm * 240 mm. To identify the defects with deluxe model one need Preform defect chart whereas computerized model (inclusive software) has this in-built feature for easy reference. The device gives clearer optical view from large glass viewing area. Even with the computerized model a high resolution camera catches report pictures efficiently with fixed software. The test report results can be easily viewed, recorded, e-mailed or printed. The device provides adequate result for the polarization preform testing.  


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