Precise Evaluation of Bottle Cap Torque can Prevent In-line Accidents

Precise Evaluation of Bottle Cap Torque can Prevent In-line Accidents

With the invention of huge in-line filling machines, things got easier for manufacturers. These automated machines are capable of filling the content inside a container and also capping them with a fixed torque set in their settings. But what is any one of the bottles doesn’t follow that torque set and remains lose after the capping process. It can lead to falling off the bottle due to the entry of air inside and generating an imbalance while the bottle is in motion on the in-line machine. And which further connects to miserable content spill throughout the machine belt. Of course, depends if the content is something chemically dangerous then other related accidents may occur too.

You see here only one sample which was not designed as per company set torque requirement can be built a severe issue to the entire batch of production. This can be avoided by implementing strict, standardized and precision based torque testing machines. Presto Group, one of the leading producer of torque tester brings a highly proficient digital model. It is equipped with a highly integrated digital control panel with a screen showing digital format torque values. The values are based on precision and are non-tampered. The screen is fitted with bright LED light for clearer vision. Below the screen are the feather touch buttons for setting operations. 4 specially designed pegs which are used to clamp the bottle specimen from its base area tightly. These pegs are tightened once the bottle is placed on its centre. The operator can clamp the specimen using a rotational clamping mechanism.

The display screen has an Auto tare set facility and can also hold peak force value on its own. No value shall be missed by the operator and they can be assured of the results. In-house calibration facility to set the instrument as per industry set criteria. Has a huge space memory which can save up to 9 sample readings. Also, it has safety lock pins which when locked at a defined value can avoid additional force application on torque sensor and you get a highly accurate test value. Models are available from 20 lb inch to 100 lb inch torque range. The specimen must fall under a defined diameter range, i.e. minimum 30 mm to maximum 110mm. 


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