Presto Cyclic Corrosion Chambers Cater To All Types of Industry Needs

Presto Cyclic Corrosion Chambers Cater To All Types of Industry Needs


Presto Testing machines have the expertise to manufacture the best testers, especially when it comes to copper accelerated salt spray test machines. However, the testers are qualified and designed to test can test a variety of multiple coating types that would include electroplated copper-nickel-chromium, electroplates copper-nickel, and anodized aluminum. The designing of these chambers enables the use of plastic non-corrosion materials too. With a global platform of accredited, high-capacity labs, Presto Testing Instruments ensures that your projects are accurate and suit your pocket too. 

Cyclic Corrosion Test Chambers

A definite realistic simulation is found to be recorded in the past several years within the wide ranges of testing offered by cyclic corrosion tests in all types of corrosive environments. This is in comparison with the traditional salt spray testing method. These tests predict the corrosive behaviour of the material under an accelerated corrosion test chamber, that performs salt spray creating different environmental conditions such as Salt Fog, Salt Spray, Humid  or even Dry - in order to simulate the effects on a material that is about to go real-life conditions.

Presto Machines offer both a cyclic corrosion test chamber as well as a traditional salt spray chamber, the latter being more compatible with multiple test standards that include automotive standards. These can be automated or cycled between varied humidity programs with the traditional salt spray.  

Catering To the Need of the Industry

Corrosion testing involves multiple test standards that are developed by the industry manufacturers and even those that are set as per the specific country standards. In order to lead an evaluation of corrosion resistance of finished surfaces or parts, an approach in the designs of Presto machines enables the specimens undergoing both 'scab' and 'filiform' corrosion tests. An accelerated outdoor test that is done by intermittent spraying of a salt solution is known as the scab test. The filiform test on the other hand is a general test method that is used to test for paints and varnish coatings. This is done as per the requirements of the industry that Presto designs testers that can carry out both forms of testing on various types of materials. 

Despite both variants being offered by Presto that include both cyclic corrosion chamber testing as well as salt spray test of the chamber, the advice is always opting for the option that is programmed to conduct a whole range of corrosion tests. These include wet cycle, dry cycle, and the optionally controlled humidity as well as the salt spray test in a single chamber. 


Presto’s cyclic corrosion test chambers are consistent in superior designs that are ready to test the relative resistance of materials. These quality testing machines work wonders in both accelerated and safe environments.

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