Presto Testing Machines Impact Market with CASS cum Salt Spray Testers

Presto Testing Machines Impact Market with CASS cum Salt Spray Testers

The relevance of a Copper Accelerated Salt Spray Test (CASS Test) is an established factor in the business of testing products for quality. This kind of test is used to determine the resistance to corrosion of aluminum alloys. The Presto Cass Tester is designed as per relevant standards that enable this exclusive product to have an edge over the local market competition. Moreover, the International Standards that are applicable to the making of CASS tester enable the accurate assessment and determining the ability of rust-proofed components.

CASS Testers manufactured at Presto Testing machines are designed as a triple-walled chamber with glass wool insulation. This enhances the product’s ability to withstand corrosion due to atmospheric conditions.

There is a list of related standards that Presto Testing Instruments abide by – during designing and manufacturing the corrosion test chamber such as:

  • JIS Z2371
  • DIN 50021
  • ASTM B117
  • IS:5528
  • ISO: 3768

Functioning of CASS Tester

If we look at the background of this kind of testing, CASS was aimed at testing decorative coating originating from nickel, copper or chromium. These coatings were electro-deposited onto the metal's surface. In order to make a standard ASTM B 117 solution, CASS test uses 95 parts of water to 5 parts by weight of salt.

Once the reagent of grade copper chloride is added, the dehydration starts to happen at the rate of 1g to 4 liters of the solution. The solution is then atomized and the chamber is maintained at 490C (1200F), after mixing. Collection of fog happens in order to be tested. Next, the solution is adjusted to a pH between 3.1 and 3.3. Maintenance of ph is done by adding the reagent-grade glacial acetic acid. 

Testing products with Presto CASS Testers

Once the multilayered, plated or coated edges cabinets are ready as CASS test chambers, the metallic and the metallic-coated samples are cleaned at the cass-cum-salt spray machines of Presto Company, using appropriate cleaning solutions. The organic and non-metallic samples are not cleaned. The sample placement at this point becomes critical, else the testing would remain incomplete. Samples, therefore, are placed at a 15-degree angle from the vertical position. Occasional rotation needs to be carried out during testing. This is why the samples are rotated 180 degrees to completely justify the cass testing. The samples are evaluated at given intervals in order to ensure completely error-free testing.


Presto CASS Cum Salt Spray Testers prescribe the required conditions in copper-accelerated acetic acid-salt spray or cass test chambers for the purposes of product testing. These machines are also applicable for the testing of anodized aluminum that evaluates the corrosive performance of copper, nickel or chromium.

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