Test The Scuff Resistance Of Printing With Printing Packaging Testing Instruments

Scuff Tester

Paper and packaging industry is growing at a faster pace these days. The reason behind the continuous growth in packaging industry is the increasing requirements of the packaging products in every production vertical to conveniently store and ship the products from one place to another. On the other hand, the packaging products are not only used to keep the products safe but are also used to provide an identity to the product along with important and necessary information regarding the product which includes the date, coding and printing of the packaging material. Hence, we can say that packaging is also helpful in enhancing the popularity of them products. Therefore, the manufacturers of packaging industries are greatly responsible to provide the best and topmost quality of packaging materials to their clients so that they can ship their good safely and securely to the end customers. To produce topmost quality of products, the manufacturers need to utilize best quality practices to ensure the quality of the packaging material to deliver best services to their clients.

One of the major parts of the packaging is its printing and coding that provides an informative content to the users. The printed material explain the brand identity, handling conditions, address, company name, logo, manufacturing and expiry date of the product along with all relevant and required data. But at the time of transportation the packing products are rubbed against each other which ruin the printed material and sometimes completely run the important information from the packet. Hence, it is necessary for the manufacturers in packaging industry to test the scuffing or rubbing resistance of the printed materials with the help of Date Coding & Printing Packaging testing. One of the best instruments to perform this test is Scuff Tester. It is the best testing instrument that determines the rubbing resistance of the printed material when rubbed against each other.

Presto Stantest provides offers highly effective scuff testers for packaging industries to test the quality of the printings on printed packaging materials. For more information on the product, consult our experts.


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