Provide Best Strength To The Corrugated Boxes With Edge Crush Testers

Edge Crush Testers

Packaging is an important aspect of quality of any product. The packaging gives a better appearance to the products as well it also keeps the products safe from damages during transportation and storage. The Packaging that is used for a product must be chosen wisely so that the product could remain safe during rigorous transit and warehousing process. It is important to use a packaging material that is strong enough to absorb the shocks and forces that are exerted on it during usage. The corrugated boxes are the most preferred packaging materials for a variety of products. The manufacturers of the corrugated boxes must test the quality and strength of the packaging boxes for safety assurance of the products that are packaged inside the box.

The edges of the boxes also contribute a lot to the strength of a box hence it is also important to test the compressive strength of the edges of the boxes too. An edge crush tester is used for testing the minimum force that is required to crush the edges of a corrugated box. The testing equipment applies a compressive force to the edges of the box to test the resistance offered by the edges against compression. This is a major test used for determining the strength and quality of the corrugated boxes.

Presto is a leading manufacturer of edge crush tester in India and has been dedicated to providing best quality testing solutions to the packaging industry. The instrument is in adherence with all the essential standards set by various standardization authorities. It is provided complete with a user manual and conformance certificate.

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