Provide The Best Quality Of PET Bottles To The Customers With Top Load Test

Provide The Best Quality Of PET Bottles To The Customers With Top Load Test

For PET bottles, the most important feature is their strength. The PET bottles are mainly used for packaging of the products and then these bottles are transported to different locations. These PET bottles are stacked into small or big pallets. Now when these pallets are made, the Pet bottles are subjected to a huge amount of load. The manufacturers need to ensure that the PET bottles are safe under such heavy loads and will not face any sort of deformation or damage. The Top load test is the best method to analyze the ability of the bottles to bear such load without deformation.

In a top load test, the specimen is taken and placed between the compression plates of the instruments. Then a compressive force is applied to the specimen at a specified speed. The load is increased until there is a deflection in the specimen. Once the specimen is deflected, the force application is stopped, and the peak load is recorded in the Peak Load Indicator. This test is repeated on 12 different specimens of a single batch. The values of each test are recorded, and then a mean of these values is taken. This mean value is the top load value for the given batch of the sample.

Highlights of Presto’s Top Load Tester

  1. The jaws of the instrument are inverted straight compression plates that easily accommodate the test specimen.
  2. The test result is given on a digital readout.
  3. The Peak Load indicator has the feature of storing 9 peak value in memory for future reference.
  4. Feather Touch controls make it easy to operate the machine.

Technical features of Presto’s Top Load Tester

  1. The instrument has a testing capacity of 250 kgf. Higher capacities are also available on customers’ request.
  2. The accuracy of the device is ±1%.
  3. The instrument is available with a calibration certificate that is traceable to any of the NABL approved laboratories.
  4. There are two models of the instrument available that are Top load tester digital model and computerized model with a graphical display.
  5. Safety limit switches are provided with the instrument for better safety of the machine.

With the help of Top load testing, the manufacturers in PET industries can ensure that the bottles are of best quality and can bear the shocks and stress levied upon them during transportation. Additionally, with the help of Top load test, they can also determine the impact of any changes made in the manufacturing process.

With presto’s Top load tester, the manufacturers can easily determine the top load strength of the bottles with digital reading and highly accurate measurements.

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