Quality Assessment for Compressive Strength of Corrugated Box

Quality Assessment for Compressive Strength of Corrugated Box

Corrugated box packaging are in demand by distinct verticals due to their strong capacity of taking load without being crushed. Can hold and protect the inside content for long. The basic and prime quality assessment for corrugated boxes is the compression strength test using a standardized Box Compression Tester.

The packaging containers serves for wide variety of applications and it would be hard to imagine packaging industry without it. Corrugated box packaging deliver higher protection to goods during transport, saves the additional costs required for alternative packaging material use, can retain product information on its surface, and is durable. The boxes are required to be strong and also light in weight at the same time, this way they can play an important role cost efficiency. To check if your product have all these features, quality assessment is a must.
Compression strength Tester, designed by Presto Stantest is the ultimate and the most reliable solution for box compression test. It is operated using digital controls based on a microprocessor program. Digital based display screen is equipped for test read out. Robust construction with double column equipment. Strong compression plate with advanced load cell will ensure a precise force calculation.

Innovative features like over-travel safety, uniform force distribution, peak hold display etc. make the equipment, one of the bestselling model in the field of quality testing of corrugated containers. Corrugated box manufacturers can place their specimen of wide variety of size and set the compression force for testing and start the test. The load at which the box starts to crush or buckle will be recorded and saved in the memory.

The machine contains a two column rugged structure which ensures that the cross travel of the compression plate do not falls and has a firm hold over its movement. Or else the compression plat may lose its control and falls over the specimen. The strength of compression plate is considered to be the most ideal when compared to other equipments in the market. The compression plate does not break or generate cracks and experience any wear-tear easily. It is composed of high-grade material and is plated with a corrosion resistant paint. The load cell is calibrated from NABL certified labs. The machine is altogether can run for a long time and it is highly durable in nature. The compression strength tester is a globally acclaimed testing instrument which not only can estimate the compression strength of corrugated boxes but can also deliver precision in the test results.


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