Quality Check Of Glass And Plastic Materials Using Polariscope

Quality Check Of Glass And Plastic Materials Using Polariscope

 Preforms play an important role in taking decisions on the strength of the PET bottle. PET is used for producing healthy, pure and food grade containers. Due to its physical properties such as hardness, durability and convenience, it complies with many food materials. It is highly sustainable for storing carbonated products. PET materials are recyclable and reusable that possess less impact on the environment and breaks down into carbon-dioxide and water leaving no chemical remains. Basically, PET products are used by pharmaceuticals and food and beverage industries. The plastic materials are made by the process of blow moulding used to make PET preforms. The issues related to stress and strain distribution on the surface of preforms exists at the time of manufacturing. Using the Polariscope strain viewer, the manufacturer can test the performance and quality of PET preforms.

The Polariscope is an optical inspection machine that is used to measure the internal stresses and strains in the glass and various transparent materials like plastics, synthetic resins etc. Change in refractive index is because of uneven strain distribution that results in low transparency of the material. Materials such as plastics and glass are not doubly refractive but change under internal stress by external forces or by processes of manufacturing. This leads to a major problem to the manufactures of preforms and glass materials as this is a major defect in the quality of materials. Held between the lenses, the stress areas are seen as bands of color and patches.

Presto Polariscope Strain Viewer testing device is highly accurate and efficient that is used by glass product manufacturers and PET and preform manufacturing industries to check the quality and analyse the strains and defects under polarized light. A preform defect chart is provided with the machine to detect the defects in quality that is shown in polarized light. Some of the defects are water and flash marks, air bubble, bad strain distribution etc.
The instrument is manufactured in two models i.e. Polariscope DX and Polariscope computerized. The apparatus is zinc and chrome plated to resist corrosion and rust. Easy to operate, two light facilities i.e. CFL light or monochromatic light and Sodium light, standard template for viewing the sample at 45 degrees and 90 degree angle. Presto gives Polariscope strain viewer in various sizes and designs as per client requirement and manufactured keeping in mind the parameters and standards proposed by reputed authorities. 


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