Remove Leakages from Pouches Using Right Tester

Remove Leakages from Pouches Using Right Tester

 Leaks are bad news to most of the packaging manufacturers. In a package where most of the oxygen has been rinsed out, a minute hole, allows oxygen from the air to enter the package quickly. Within less than 3 days, oxygen levels become high enough to let the bugs crop in. Bacteria moulds grow risking the image of the brand. The leakages in plastic pouches are required to be tested using Vacuum Leak Tester. It uses a high pressure vacuum to conduct leakage testing on the products.

The issue of leaks is critical so a series of tests must be conducted. Leaks mean low shelf life. A leaking package in a super market has serious consequences such as low customer satisfaction, recall of products, reduced shelf life and damage to the brand. As packaging materials grows, the problem related to leaks is becoming crucial. People are becoming more responsive to packaging material with respect to consumer demand.

For a long time, the only way to test the leakage was to by squeezing each pack whether it was soft or not. The checking process is now partially mechanised. Within a second the seal of the packets are tested and the defected pieces are extracted by a mechanical system.

Leaking packaging causes losses in the whole production chain. Leak detection is a tool that creates savings. When using 100% leak detection fewer people are required for final checks. The user spends less time on checking and the leak detection machine results in no extra stoppages due to maintenance.
The trend is to go away from traditional materials like cans, glass etc. that can be sealed easily towards more flexible packaging.
The most important factor in production is a good quality pouched product that meets recognised standards.
The Vacuum Leak Detectors is a high quality seal integrity tester used in packaging to add quality control measures to packaging applications. It ensures that the packaged products are sealed under specifications. The main advantages are seen in various industries from package manufacturers and converters to the final customer in the packing of meat, seafood, coffee, snacks, frozen foods bakery, medical and pharmaceutical etc.
The leak detector is used to pack a variety of package types such as stand-up pouches, rigid trays, vacuum skin packs, flow wraps, thermoform packages etc. The Vacuum Leak tester detects faults in the sealing of package prior to its production.
A requirement of high quality vacuum leak tester in the packaging industry is highly recommended as it accurately identifies the minute leakages in packing. Presto testing instrument is manufactured as per test standards such as ASTM D 4991-07(2015), ASTM F 2338-09(2013).

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