Safeguard Sensitive Products from Repetitive Movement by the Vibration Table

Vibration Table

Product packaging is an extremely crucial part for manufacturers all around the globe as there are incidences where the product quality is compromised due to hazards during transit. These transit hazards can lead to contamination of perishable items, breaking, rupturing & tearing of sensitive products, and many other factors that urge manufacturers of the rigid paper & packaging industry to provide good quality packaging material. 

The foremost choice of transporters is corrugated boxes because of their accessibility & maneuverability. However, the durability aspect can be a little concerning for the manufacturer of the product kept inside the box. This makes it necessary to undertake simulation tests that evaluate the durability of the product. 

For example, to assess the impact resistance manufacturers undergo drop testing; to evaluate the peak load due to stacking, manufacturers undergo compression testing. Similarly, to evaluate the ability of the packaging material to withstand road travel hazards manufacturers undertake vibration testing.

To ensure accurate testing and achieve high levels of accuracy, Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has offered a top-notch lab testing simulator called the vibration table.

The vibration table is an instrument designed with ultimate precision to simulate the hazards that a product packed inside a corrugated box withstands during transportation through roads. The instrument is constructed in consideration of the road conditions that hamper the movement of the vehicle due to potholes & breakers.

Let us take a look at how the vibration table functions and performs the test for a better understanding of the accuracy-driven results.

Functioning of the Vibration Table

The lab testing instrument functions with absolute ease by functioning at different amplitudes and frequencies to attain precise simulation of major & minor road hazards that a vehicle undergoes following a journey. Since the road conditions vary from route to route, the vibration levels and angles also differ.

The vibration table has a 1000 x 1000 mm platform that is constructed with a side railing for the placement of the sample (packaging material like corrugated boxes). The operator must make sure that the specimen is not bigger than the platform size for precise testing.

The vibration table is one of the finest lab testing simulators ever designed because of its precise & variable vibration methods that accurately simulate any uncertainty on the road by forcing the accurate movement of the specimen kept on the platform.

The vibration table manufacturer has installed four different testing terminologies for the simulation measures that the lab testing instrument undertakes.

1.    Vertical synchronous

2.    Vertical asynchronous

3.    Swivel synchronous

4.    Swivel asynchronous

These four measures are the perfect simulations for breakers, potholes as well as various other transit hazards that take place on the roads.  

The operator can perform the testing at various angles i.e. 30 degrees, 60 degrees, and 90 degrees. The incorporation of different angle testing is imbibed within the instrument as the placement of a product inside different carriers will be varied. The different angles of testing will provide absolute assurance of product safety to the transporter or the manufacturer of the product.

Undergoing these testing measures will not only provide safety assurance to the transported & manufacturer but since it ensures the safety of the sensitive product packed inside, it will provide a revert of the maximum consumer satisfaction which will serve as brand building and thus huge profits.

The Vibration table manufacturer has embedded high-quality features in the lab testing product in order to ensure ease of testing and accuracy-driven results consistently for a long period.

Advantageous Characteristics of the Vibration Table

The vibration table is equipped with highly advanced features that have drawn the attention of manufacturers from across industries whether packaging or product manufacturing. The inclusion of these features has made the testing experience absolutely seamless.

The first & foremost feature is the accuracy-driven approach with which Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. has constructed the vibration table. The approach can be witnessed through different angles of testing and with different vibrational settings. All these settings combine together and perform the perfect & accurate simulation.

The lab testing instrument is offered with a proper bolting assembly that makes sure that the instrument does not get harmed even in the case of long-term testing and high vibration levels.

The vibration table supplier offers customers to get their hands on a customized platform which can be bigger or smaller than the standard platform size i.e. 1000 mm X 1000 mm.

The incorporation of the side railing at the platform of the vibration table ensures that the packaging material with the product packed inside does not get harmed due to falling off the table while undertaking the test.

The vibration table is equipped with a control panel that is separately attached to the vibration table which minimizes the vibration of the control panel and ensures seamless testing of the specimen. This aids the operator in conducting the vibration test without any hassle.

The vibration table has attracted manufacturers from all across industries due to its robust construction with mild steel material that is coated with 7-layered powder paint which ensures that the instrument’s body is imbibed with corrosion-resistant properties. This not only ensures longevity but also enhances the durability of the instrument.

The vibration table manufacturer guarantees the inclusion of feather touch controls at all the vibration table suppliers as it elevates the testing experience by promoting hassle-free testing.

Get Your Hands on the Vibration Table As Soon As Possible

If you also want to enhance the safety & security of the products packed inside the packaging materials like corrugated boxes during transit & storage measures, you can get your hands on the top-notch vibration table right away. To seek more knowledge or information regarding the vibration table price, feel free to visit the Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. Designated website. You can also reach out to us with your queries on the phone no. +91 9210903903. The company believes in serving customers with utmost assurance, therefore your feedback values a lot to us, drop them at

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