Safeguard The Quality Of Metals From Corrosion With Salt Fog Test Chamber

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Salt Spray Chamber-Korrox IIICorrosion or rust on metals and painted substrates is the major complaint which is faced by the manufactures in metal industries on the products during their life cycle. This the biggest reason which is responsible for the accelerated deterioration of the metal goods. The period of fall in the life of the metals initiates from the point when corrosion occurs. The metal products are used in many critical applications to produce different products such as defense equipment, aerospace, industrial machines, automobiles and many more. If the best quality of raw material and tested products are used to manufacture metal products, then only high-quality of production can be ensured. This can be done by performing a test on paint & plating and metal products using premium quality of testing equipments that can check the corrosion resistance properties of the samples to produce corrosion proof metal products. These test procedures help to not only helps to enhance the life of the products but provide a better life to the users also.

Presto Stantest offers the best quality of Salt Fog Test Chamber to measure the corrosion resistance property of the metal products, paints, and metallic coating when they are exposed to salty and fog Environment. To know more on Presto’s Salt Fog Test Chamber, just give a call to our experts or you can also visit

Appropriate Testing Tool Surely Protect the Metals against Corrosion

As metal wares are used in different industries for several applications, no defect is acceptable. The testing instruments Salt Fog Test Chamber is able enough to create the fog environment inside the test chamber to simulate real environmental conditions that help in commencing effective testing procedures. The testing machine efficiently helps to check the corrosion resistance properties of the metals and created good quality products for the manufacturers. The testing instrument is easy to use. The device is designed as per the standards that ensure products quality and reliability.

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